The first Horizon Zero Dawn video game pack will appear in May


The first set based on the video game Horizon Zero Dawn will appear in May 2022

On the eve of the Christmas holidays, another good news for construction fans is spreading online. Coming out in May 2022 the first constructor based on the video game Horizon Zero Dawn. Recall that it takes players to the future. Humanity on the planet is almost destroyed by machines that scientists have created in the form of peculiar animals. However, among them there were those who still obey people. It is the model of such a robotic creature that will be recreated in the constructor 76989 LEGO Gaming Horizon Zero Dawn: Tallneck.

For many, the novelty will be a long-awaited set. The fact is that the game itself has been around for 5 years. Therefore, it is not clear why desktop versions from Lego have not yet appeared, because the video game provides the designers of the Danish company with ideal opportunities for developing interesting gaming locations.

According to the brick_clicker blog, in the new set, the Danish company will offer adult fans of the “brick world” to assemble a mechanical animal figurine. Outwardly, it will strongly resemble a giraffe, in particular, with a long neck and long legs. But his head has the shape of a large disk and can be used by people as an observation deck. Thus, the main goal of the constructor will be to display one of the main characters of the video game. No minifigures of the heroes of the series are expected.

76989 LEGO Gaming Horizon Zero Dawn: Tallneck



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