The first branded Lego store on a cruise ship.


The LEGO company is developing new markets for finished products. So, on September 25, she opened her first company store on a cruise ship – on board the flagship ship belonging to the German cruise line AIDA Cruises AIDAprima. Annette Roosendahl, Lego’s Sales Director for Travel and Retail Europe, participated in the grand official ceremony.

The store at AIDAprima is virtually indistinguishable from LEGO branded “ground-based” outlets. Its area is 75 sq.m. The assortment of sets is the same as in all regular stores. That is, travelers will be able to purchase constructors for every taste here for a pleasant pastime. Featuring classic City, NinjaGo and Hollow Series, huge buildable sets like 71043 LEGO Hogwarts Castle, 31203 LEGO World Map and 75192 LEGO Millennium Falcon and more.

It is quite possible that Lego will not stop there. More recently, the company debuted a travel store at Salt Lake City International Airport. Now it is planned to deploy a full network at all US airports. It seems that the German liner will not remain the only ship with a store where designers are sold.

The first branded Lego store on a cruise ship


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