The Creator series will be replenished with two designers in 2022


The Danish manufacturer decided to make the beginning of the new year really festive for design lovers, offering dozens of new designers. Among them will be unusual specimens. So, on January 1, 2 original sets will go on sale.

The first set will offer the owners of the game kit to assemble a model of a modern high-speed train and go on a journey through cities and villages.

What are the features of the constructor 40518 LEGO Creator Expert High Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTrain? The fact that it makes it possible to build, so to speak, a portable toy – the model will be significantly smaller in size than standard Lego trains. Suffice it to say that its length will be only 36 cm, which is almost 2 times shorter than usual. So the child will be able to play with him not only at home, but always take with him anywhere.

It is important that, despite its modest size, the prefabricated train well reflects its real prototype in the form of a sharp-nosed locomotive-car and another passenger car attached to it. The yellow sticker indicates that the bullet train is bound for Heartlake City, so this toy would be a great addition to the Girlfriends sets.

The game set will also attract with its availability: the high-speed train will be sold at a price of 19.99 euros (1667 rubles).

40524 LEGO Sunflowers

Second set 40524 LEGO Sunflowers can be attributed to an alternative version of the Lego botanical collection. First of all, due to availability, the kit will be sold at a price of only 12.99 euros (1083 rubles). However, a pair of colorful sunflowers with customizable green stems and leaves promises to pair well with Rose (40460), Tulips (40461) and Bouquet of Flowers (10280) presented by the Danish company earlier.


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