The construction of the largest LEGO city is being prepared

Legoland in the Bavarian Günzburg (Germany) has launched an exciting action to build the largest LEGO city in the world. In the period from August 27 to September 10, 2022, at least 500 “brick” houses and buildings are planned to be erected on a specially designated site for this purpose in order to set a world record. As conceived by the authors of the project, the main builders of the town will be members of the AFOL community and ordinary guests of the amusement park.

As it will be?

The building site covers an area of ​​100 sq. meters. The organizers believe that this is enough for the largest Lego city ever built in the history of prefabricated toys. At the same time, architectural structures will replicate the famous sights of Europe as accurately as possible on a scale of 1:20. In this regard, the main landmark for all participants in the grandiose action will be the models of German architecture already presented in the theme park, such as the Reichstag of Berlin, the skyline of Frankfurt, the Munich Alliance Arena, as well as famous buildings from the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy.

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According to the basic rules of the German Institute of Records, it is established that each house is built on a base plate measuring 32 by 32 spikes. Buildings must match the scale of miniature figures. At least one commercial minifigure must be present in one house. To make the “brick” town look realistic, it is necessary to have a shopping center, a gas station, a school and other public buildings and structures typical of megacities.

Now more than 100 adult construction fans from clubs of lovers of the “world of cubes” from Germany and Austria are working on the implementation of the project.

“We have thought carefully about town planning before: a town hall, a fire department, a police station and much more, of course, are mandatory for every city,” says Timo Will from the AFOL community. “In addition, a meaningful road network should have appeared. So, many hours of planning on paper – the more stressful we become now that our plans are being put into action and we can watch our city grow. We look forward to every park visitor who will support LEGOLAND’s world record attempt!

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For volunteers, the organizers of the event are ready to provide everything that is needed – Lego base plates and parts. Both adult construction fans and children along with them can participate in the construction.

This event promises to be especially entertaining for Legoland guests who came to Germany for a few days. At the very least, they had the opportunity to satisfy their passion for assembling Lego blocks in unusual conditions and demonstrate their individual creativity. True, with this choice, they risk not having time to get acquainted with all the attractions of the theme amusement park. Although participating in the construction of a “brick” city of 500 houses and buildings in order to set a world record, perhaps it’s worth it.

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