The characters of the “Ofms” set are the real heroes of the movie

Recently, we have already introduced you to the version of the construction fans about the imminent release of the Office constructor. Literally the next day the company Lego officially announced the new product. It will be on sale by early September 2022. Moreover, at a price somewhat more expensive than the previously mentioned: 119.99 euros instead of the promised 99.99 euros.

However, true lovers of the “world of cubes” and collectors are unlikely to be scared by such a price tag. First of all, because this set will feature a total of 15 licensed minifigures! Over the past few years, there has not been such a large number of characters in a prefabricated set worth 100-120 euros.

So, in the game constructor there are 15 heroes of the film. It:

  • michael scott,
  • Jim Halpert
  • Dwight Schrute,
  • pam beasley,
  • Angela Martin,
  • Ryan Howard,
  • Oscar Martinez,
  • Stanley Hudson,
  • Kevin Malone
  • Kelly Kapoor,
  • Meredith Palmer,
  • Creed Bratton,
  • Phyllis Lapin Vance,
  • Darryl Philbin,
  • Toby Flenderson.

The set also includes an Angela Garbage cat figurine. In general, viewers of the popular series receive figurines of almost all important characters. At the same time, 12 of them have double-sided faces, so that when recreating favorite episodes, it will be possible to give the characters the appropriate facial expression for the scene.

The Office set features most of the characters from the film of the same name

Most importantly, such a number of heroes will really allow the owners of the gaming location to realistically play out many memorable scenes from the life of office employees. Including Pam and Jim’s office romance, Michael receiving visitors in his office, and much more. All this is facilitated by the most accurate reflection of the American office, starting with the conference room and ending with the aforementioned office of Michael Scott.

In general, the gaming location is quite large:

  • 30 cm long,
  • 25 cm wide,
  • more than 7 cm in height.

The finished model will look fantastic both among the exhibits of the home collection and as a separate decoration of a real office.

The Office set features most of the characters from the film of the same name

The Office set features most of the characters from the film of the same name

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