The biggest LEGO city

We have already said that in German Legoland, which is located in Günzburg, from August 27 to September 10, events are held to set a new world record. The task of the participants of the action was the construction of the largest “brick” city “Lego” from standard parts.

For two weeks, adult fans of the construction of eight fan clubs from Germany and neighboring Austria have been working with great enthusiasm on the implementation of a grandiose project. In addition, some 2,800 theme park visitors provided direct support and construction assistance.

As a result, the goal of the action was achieved with a more than convincing result: builders commissioned a total of 1566 buildings, that is, 3 times higher than the established norm! Under the terms of the Guinness Book of Records, 500 houses had to be built to recognize the achievement. A magnificent achievement for fans of the “world of cubes”!

The biggest LEGO city

At the same time, it should be taken into account that the constructed models by no means represent a collection of architectural structures consisting of separate isolated buildings. All houses and public facilities harmoniously complement each other. Therefore, the toy metropolis creates a generally realistic “picture” of a real settlement with typical residential areas and city blocks, which are interconnected by about 1000 streets and lanes. By the way, on some avenues there is a fairly busy movement of vehicles, and along the river flowing through the city, barges with containers and passenger boats are sailing.

According to the release, for the construction of residential buildings, public buildings and structures of the largest Lego city, as well as various city facilities over 1,800,000 “bricks” were spent Danish brand. It is also interesting that initially the owners of Legoland allocated only 100 square meters for the implementation of a large-scale project. From the above figures, it is clear why the initial estimate had to be changed soon and the construction site had to be significantly expanded.

A particularly important moment of the impressive world record is that it was set exactly in the year of the 20th anniversary of the German amusement park in Günzburg. Therefore, one can understand the joy of the executive director of Legoland, Manuela Stone, which she did not hide on this significant day for the history of the park from anyone around her (pictured below).

Set a new world record with the largest LEGO city!

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