THE BEST LEGO Bricks – 10 Coolest Building Blocks


A brand new Lego is always “wow” and “ah”! To avoid “oh”, the box always says what age the designer is suitable for. In order not to get lost in the variety of options, we have compiled a selection of the 10 best sets of varying degrees of complexity.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon: starship from the famous saga

Many people know and love Star Wars. The Millennium Falcon model is the prototype of the legendary spaceship from this serial saga. The starship is similar to the original on screen: it has a navigation computer, a cargo hold with two containers, a sofa, a galley, and more.

  LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

This buildable toy will appeal to boys over 9 years old. In addition to spaceship parts, the set includes 7 Star Wars toy characters.

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LEGO Art “World Map”: a virtual model of the continents and oceans

Have you ever thought about creating a personal world map? Lego manufacturers have made this dream a reality. This is the most multi-component constructor that has come out to date. With the Art set, you can make a map of the continents and reservoirs, based on your own vision. In the process, you can fantasize, move continents, create the world the way you imagine it.


Spending time assembling such a constructor will help you relax, take a break from the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in the creative process. “Map of the World” will be of interest to people from 18 years old.

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LEGO Architecture “Taj Mahal”: a scaled version of the legend of world architecture

Top “Lego” sets are hard to imagine without this exhibit. The brand has a product line called Architecture, which contains kits for assembling outstanding structures of world architecture. Taj Mahal is one of the best.

LEGO Architecture

The age category of this product is 18+ and, perhaps, it will take more than one free evening to assemble it, because there are 2000 elements in the kit. However, the result will justify the work.

This designer fascinates with detail, thoughtfulness and scale.

LEGO Harry Potter “Diagon Alley”: a magical goods market for fans of the saga of the boy who lived

Potter fans will definitely want this LEGO set. The assembled model is an enchanted market called Diagon Alley. Here the main character got his first wand before going to the “School of Magic”.

The assembled designer impresses with atmosphere. Here, fans will find familiar storefronts:

  • Ollivanders,
  • Flourish & Blotts and others.

It also comes with figurines of your favorite characters.

LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley

This is one of the best Potter themed Lego sets. It gives you the opportunity to show your creativity and act out your favorite scenes from the movie.

LEGO Technic: Lamborghini Sian FKP 37: an impressive sports car

This idea of ​​the brand developers delights men and boys. The creators reproduced the Lamborghini Sián FKP37 as close to the original as possible. They managed to recreate its clear angles, smooth lines. Even the toy car doors swing open at the touch of a button, sliding upwards smoothly.

The car has a bright moving spoiler and Y-shaped headlights, like a real Lamborghini Sián FKP 37. The developers accurately recreated the aerodynamic features of the car and even its golden wheels.

LEGO Technic: Lamborghini Sian FKP

A car and Lego Technic lover should definitely add this unusual piece to their collection.

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LEGO Colosseum brings the majestic Roman structure to your home

The Colosseum is an architectural monument of astonishing grandeur. There are legends about him. The brand’s developers have created a constructor that assembles into a scaled copy of the building. This kit is suitable for adults who are fond of architecture and like to spend their evenings with a relaxed assembly of the designer.

LEGO Colosseum

“Architecture Colosseum” is not only one of the best Lego sets, but also one of the largest. It has 9036 parts. The resulting model is as close as possible to the original structure. All three floors have been restored.

LEGO Technic Volvo 6×6 Dump Truck Realistic Construction Vehicle Model

This set is a great gift for those who love construction equipment. After assembly, you will get a big toy – a truck, all the details of which are made realistically.

Players can drive the Volvo Dump Truck. To do this, you need to download and install the LEGO Technic CONTROL + application on your gadget. Control is via Bluetooth connection. To set the dump truck in motion, you need 6 AA batteries.

LEGO Technic Volvo 6x6 Dump Truck

The machine can perform turns, lifting the body. Even the gear shift works like a real one. It will be interesting to control the toy for people of all ages. Product dimensions in the assembly: height – 20 cm, length – 60 cm, width – 20 cm.

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LEGO Harry Potter “Hogwarts Castle”: in the footsteps of your favorite heroes

For every Potter fan, Hogwarts is the epitome of mystery and magic. With this LEGO set, you can build your very own castle. From the outside, the building looks large and realistic. Inside, the developers propose to assemble a large hall in which many significant events took place, auditoriums where students study, and even moving stairs.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

Included with the castle are the main characters of the film and minor ones. Together with the Lego set and your favorite characters, you will visit several interesting places:

  1. hogwarts library,
  2. secret room,
  3. Potions Class,
  4. Defense Against the Dark Arts office.

Having collected such a designer with your loved ones, you will plunge into the mysterious world of magic.

LEGO “NINJAGO City”: a city in which there is no time to be bored

The three-level model of the city “Ninjago” will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of your favorite cartoon. The creators invite you to visit the famous fish market, take a boat ride, talk on the phone, dine at a rooftop sushi bar, and withdraw some cash from an ATM. In the city of “Ninjago” there is no time to be bored.

On the first level, the player will find a market, a river, a stone bridge, a house and a retractable elevator. The second floor impresses with realistic mannequin figures in the Ninjago merchandise store. On the third tier, there is a sushi bar with a conveyor belt, where everyone can choose their own food to taste.

For an exciting pastime, 16 famous cartoon characters are included. For such a set, you can spend more than one evening.

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Grand Hotel: Four seasons at your favorite hotel

The LEGO Friends playset lets you build a realistic Heartlake City. In this hotel, the player will find spacious comfortable rooms with balconies and windows, a swimming pool and a restaurant where the characters can dine.

The exterior of the hotel’s surroundings can change depending on the time of year. To do this, the set includes a snowman and winter elements, flowers and greenery for summer decoration, pumpkins and yellow leaves for autumn.

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Grand Hotel

There are four characters in the set – 2 boys and 2 girls. They will become the main characters of the game with the Heartlake City set.

Original LEGO sets are always a fun and impressive pastime for kids and adults alike. To make it easier to choose a suitable set from our top, we suggest studying their main characteristics given in the table:

Get the option that you like the most and have fun with your family playing Lego.

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