The best baby strollers for cold and snowy winters


However, we treat children differently, right? Mom will not let her child freeze, no matter what. If necessary, he can even take off his last! However, with a good winter stroller, such sacrifices are useless.

In this article, we have collected 5 of the best winter strollers, so that every mom who reads us will find it easier to find exactly the one that will appeal to both her and the baby.

Geoby C409

Three – and four-wheeled versions of the Geoby C409 stroller are the most affordable option with the widest basic configuration. Together with the stroller you will receive a mosquito net, a rain cover, a winter cover for little feet and a mattress attached to the cover.

The colors of the models are bright and varied, suitable for both boys and girls. And high-quality balancing, a shock-absorbing device and a reclining back will allow the baby to sleep peacefully even while driving over bumps.

Britax B-AGILE

Light weight and an innovative folding system make the Britax B-AGILE an excellent travel stroller. In addition, it is universal: suitable for any time of the year. The wide seat will allow you to put a child there in any clothes. The winter hood drops to 45 degrees, and for the summer there is an additional section with a mesh.

In addition, the manufacturer presented a wide range of colors within one stroller, as well as the opportunity to purchase different types of strollers. So, in the Britax B-AGILE series, there are options with three or four non-inflatable wheels (B-AGILE 3 and B-AGILE 4, respectively). And the B-MOTION 3 and 4 series has options with three and four inflatable wheels.

Peg-Perego Completes Ascot

With three backrest positions, it is suitable for children from birth. Adjustable five-point safety harness securely fixes the baby. The deep hood can be lowered almost to the bumper, which is soft and removable here. And the cover for the legs, which comes with the kit, will not let them freeze even during a long walk.

The stroller itself is maneuverable due to four polyurethane wheels. They are not inflatable, so you won’t have to mess around with them in a tire shop. The stroller folds into a cane, and all the wheels are at one point. So – nothing will get dirty! In addition, it is very light for its dimensions: only 7.2 kg.

Cybex Balios M
Neat stroller, which is designed for children from 6 months and up to 17 kg. It can be used both as a cradle and as a stroller when the child is already old enough. The wide seat will allow you to put the baby in any clothes. Thanks to the huge and again non-inflatable wheels, this model is an excellent off-road vehicle and ideal for winter.

A cool feature of the stroller is how easily it transforms. It can be folded / unfolded with one hand, you can open / close the bumper for a simplified landing, you can turn the baby to face you or to the road. And yes, it stands on its own when folded! And that means it will not crash in the hallway at the most unexpected moment (without outside help, of course). Additional goodies: a huge UVP50+ sun visor and a roomy shopping basket.

Thule Urban Glide1 Mars

It has already gone “heavy artillery”. They say that this stroller was created specifically for running off-road with it. How else to explain the streamlined design, comfortable large inflatable wheels, rear suspension and a front maneuverable wheel that retracts into a special niche when needed?

In this, you can roll kids from six months, both in a sitting and lying position. For the comfort of the baby, a large canopy is provided, and for the convenience of mom (and dad) – a window in it. The handle is ergonomic and height adjustable. The stroller itself is easy to fold with one hand. For shopping, there is a special compartment with a waterproof zippered lid. With such a vehicle, it is not scary to go out even in bad weather!


A stroller for a baby is his first vehicle in life. Therefore, it is better to take his choice seriously. All strollers presented in the article are reliable and safe. The fabric on them is durable, does not fade in the sun and is impregnated with an anti-mud agent. So even in the autumn slush, winter blizzards and spring thaw, you and your baby will be irresistible.


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