The author’s model of an attack fighter impressed LEGO fans

An amazingly beautiful Koensayr BTL-S8 K-Wing Assault Fighter model was found on the Internet. From the image in the photo, it can be seen that in its shape it resembles an aircraft, recently introduced in the set 75342 LEGO Star Wars Republican Fighter Tank. Meanwhile, this is an author’s project created by a talented Lego fan under the nickname Dunechaser.

Externally, the man-made toy looks more attractive than even the official version of the Danish company. It was this circumstance that struck the members of the TVV team when they discovered this amazing model on a social network called Brick Shelf. This is also confirmed by numerous commentators who are perfectly familiar with the analogue from the famous manufacturer of designers.

The model of the author's fighter turned out to be better than the official Lego set

First of all, the author’s version attracted attention simply by the incredible design of the “dune hunter”. Although the design and design is based on classic constructors LEGO Star Warsin general, the toy turned out to be very original.

Much of this was due to the dual cockpit, “dirty”, yellowed white plates showing the battle-weathered fighter-bomber of the New Republic military. At the same time, it turned out that the author achieved such an effect, one might say, quite by accident. The fact is that when building the model, he simply used parts and stickers from his children’s kits, primarily from the designers of his favorite Star Wars series, acquired in the distant 70s and 80s of the last century. To create an amazing model “Attack Fighter Koensayr BTL-S8 K-Wing” they fit perfectly!

The model of the author's fighter turned out to be better than the official Lego set

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