Tempish UFO Baby skate Extendable Roller Skates for Parents


The first thing you should pay attention to is the excellent equipment. There is a bag for transporting skates, the skates themselves, knee and elbow pads, wrist pads and even a helmet. This means that you do not have to buy additional accessories, you can immediately go for a run-in.

The model and protection are decorated in one bright pink style that will definitely appeal to teenage girls. The main feature of UFO Baby skate is the ability to change the size from 34 to 37. It is no secret that children grow up quickly, so parents will not buy new rollers every season.


Composite frame and boot made of lightweight aluminum alloy, attached with adjustable position center bolts, provide high strength, while the skates are light enough for long rides. And the wear-resistant Tempish Catch 82A wheels with HI-POLISH coating will help you learn all the basics without too much difficulty.

The boot is made from durable and soft nylon with extra reinforcement on the upper for added rigidity and improved foot protection. The liner is made of nylon and vinyl with a sliding construction and is secured at the top of the instep with a velcro strap. Additional fixation is provided by lacing with a two-way fastener Auto Lock.


Among other things, the design of the liner follows the anatomical shape of the foot for better riding comfort and better leg support. Thanks to the breathable ventilation system, the foot receives additional comfort when riding.


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