Super Mario Series expands gaming experience

Over the past 2 years since the premiere of the board version of the popular Super Mario game, the Danish manufacturer has not ceased to expand the game locations in the released sets. However, if until now the creator of “brick” toys has developed only additions to the two main thematic lines, then the August prefabricated set 71403 LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Peach will be the third starter set.

Princess Peach conquers the desktop version of the Mushroom Kingdom

In terms of content, this means that thanks to the new set, another heroine of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach, or otherwise Peach, joins the lineup. Thus, children now have one more way to enter the universe. LEGO Super Mario.

Like both previous Super Mario introductory courses, the new product provides everything you need to organize an offline game. That is, even if the child does not have models from previous designers, he will be able to have an interesting time using only this toy. Well, in the case of the availability of starter kits “Mario” or “Luige” with all the additions, “Peach” will significantly expand the game location, as it is fully compatible with any of them. With all this, the new model is the largest of the three starter kits.

Lego continues to expand playability with Super Mario sets

The main character corresponds to the standard parameters of the characters of the series, both in the original game and in the “world of cubes”:

  • she is taller than both Mario and Luigi;
  • she has traditional articulated arms and a fully molded head and hair;
  • other distinguishing features in her appearance include blue earrings, a necklace, a crown, and more feminine eyes with stuffed eyelashes.

Otherwise, in this princess, everything is according to the standard:

  • it is equipped with a color sensor,
  • various instantaneous reactions to movement are displayed on the LCD,
  • iconic sounds and music from the video game are played through the speaker.

In addition to Princess Peach, the set includes figures of Block, Lemmy and a yellow toad.

What secrets await the owners of the 71403 LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Peach?

The game location consists of many items and things that are fraught with all sorts of secrets. The princess needs to go around them all and solve riddles. The search begins with a block with a question mark familiar from the initial sets – in this version it has wings. Jumping on it will result in a random gift in the form of a coin or a bonus.

Further on, on a small table with a checkered tablecloth, on which stands a pair of tea cups and a vase, Peach should find a large red fruit. So, step by step, the child, along with Princess Peach, must complete the entire course – many exciting adventures await them, as well as meetings with new cult villains.

Constructor 71403 LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Peach consists of 354 parts. Expected price: 59.99 euros.

Lego continues to expand playability with Super Mario sets

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