Studio “Marvel” has released a mini-series about baby Groot

Danish company Lego In the summer of 2022, she presented a collectible set with a 26-cm dancing Groot figurine. This highly detailed and highly posable model of the cute and mischievous toddler was developed based on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

The owners of the kit were invited to recreate the famous scene where the iconic character is dancing. But, as it became known, the mentioned constructor will not remain the only one dedicated to Groot. At least the Lego designers had a chance to return to the image of the on-screen hero and further work on his representation in the “world of cubes.” And this time, creating a real gaming location. The mini-series from Marvel, which was released on the screens, is entirely dedicated to baby Groot, provides just excellent material for the development of the idea.

We note right away that the 20-minute animated film called “I Am Groot” was shot in a purely Disney style. This suggests that its authors tried, first of all, to please the youngest viewers. Why? Yes, because it was the “baby” audience who especially remembered that very funny episode from the “Guardians of the Galaxy”, where little Groot demonstrates his talent as a unique potty dancer. Given the enthusiastic response from young moviegoers, Marvel Studios decided to release a separate mini-series, the main character of which will be a cult character.

The plot of the film is quite simple and straightforward. It contains 5 captivating moments from Groot’s daily life:

  • in one he has fun,
  • in the other – taking a bath
  • in the third, he listens to his favorite music (this scene from the cartoon is shown in the picture below),
  • in the fourth – rampages on board a spaceship,
  • in the fifth, he fights an alien race.

In general, the baby is presented in all its glory – just as cute, just as funny and just as charming, as I remember from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Note that the events in the mini-series practically do not develop according to the script of the original film. All the scenes shown in the new project with the participation of an unusual wooden hero are presented as an independent story. Among other things, it should be noted that the authors of the new animated film did a great job on creating the alien environment, as well as on the image of the smallest Groot. So the designers of the Danish manufacturer Lego it remains only to use this idea and transfer it to the “brick” world.

The release of the mini-series about baby Groot from the studio

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