Starting September 1, prices for LEGO sets will increase

The calendar counts down the last days of August – autumn is ahead with its pleasant events and not so much. This means that a lot of interesting new products will appear in the Lego collection this fall. As for the unpleasant moment, soon fans of construction, living in the territories of the countries of the European continent, will have to buy sets at a higher cost.

On this occasion, back in June, an official statement from the Danish company was made public. In this document, it was explained that the current global economic problems associated with an increase in raw materials and operating costs of the manufacturer are forcing such an unpopular step. Naturally, this prospect is a big disappointment for many Lego fans, but it looks like everyone will have to come to terms with the inevitable price increase.

Against this sad background, for the majority, the ray of hope remains that the rise in price will not become global, that is, it will not affect all products of the Danish Lego brand. At least, the information was confirmed that the main increase in prices is expected for designers for adults, that is, for sets of the “18+” category. The news should ease some of the backlash from Lego mass consumers who buy prefabricated sets for kids.

At the same time, for the adult audience with which the company began to establish contacts, as well as for collectors, the change in prices will be a real shock blow. Because the cost of some collectible sets will increase by as much as 25 percent! At the same time, the increase in price will affect most sets of popular series, such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Architecture, LEGO Ideas, as well as large Super Mario sets. In general, hard times are coming for lovers of the “world of cubes”, which will force many of them to refuse to buy “brick” models from the Danish manufacturer altogether.

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