Star Wars Advent Calendar Image Available

Official images have appeared on the Internet advent calendaror rather the Advent Calendar Lego Star Wars 2022. The photos largely confirm the rumors and assumptions that were circulating on social networks in June-July.

Thanks to the published information, every Star Wars fan can not only get acquainted with the photos of the calendar, but also find out which specific characters and models will be included in the Christmas set number 75340. It should be noted right away that, in general, the main design of the traditional calendar has been retained form. It looks like a cardboard box house with 24 miniature building sections that symbolize the days left until Christmas. In each one, the Star Wars lover will find a miniature character figurine, a mini-model of a starship or other vehicle, as well as familiar accessories and items from the cult series.

To the delight of Star Wars fans, rumors have been confirmed that three of the eight minifigures included in the set will be exclusive. These are minifigures of Darth Vader in summer outfit, and two droids – R2-D2 and C-3PO (they will both be wearing Christmas sweaters). Exclusive minifigures make great gifts for collectors of “star” heroes!

10 mini-assemblies are waiting for children, which will allow them to build various spaceships, walkers and, in addition, 6 more miniature locations based on different Star Wars series.

This holiday collection includes:

  • republic warship,
  • Landspeeder Luca,
  • Tri-droid hunters,
  • Defensive tower on Hoth,
  • beach scene,
  • Wumpa cave.

All in all, the contents of the new Advent calendar will give fans the opportunity to recreate some memorable scenes from their favorite movie on the game table in a very realistic way. Last but not least, the Holiday Edition minifigures and models, like the previous ones, can be combined with characters and small models from other similarly themed construction sets that have been released in the Star Wars line. First of all, from the old advent calendars that were issued for the New Year and Christmas holidays in past years.

Lego unveils official Star Wars advent calendar images

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