Spring sets from LEGO building fans

Spring with bright sunshine, fresh green grass and colorful flowers has come into its own. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by Lego fans either.

Relevant for the current season should be considered the model, which was recently described by the thematic website “The Brix Brothers”. Set designer Mel Finelli captures the giddy spirit of spring beautifully by recreating the Lego small part of the garden. It turned out a great picture of plastic cubes.

This unique author’s work deserves the highest praise due to the realistic reflection of the theme. To do this, he had to use a huge amount of detail. Particularly difficult in this regard, apparently, was the assembly of a green lawn from several hundred small Lego elements.

Along with that, Mel Finelli did a great job:

Spring is on the calendar and in the works of Lego fans

  • a tricycle with seedlings in the trunk;
  • two wooden flower beds with a mulched surface;
  • bushes of bright flowers;
  • watering can for watering plants;
  • a small set of tools for pre-sowing tillage.

It should be noted that all this is reflected at the master level with the help of increased detail, even in small things. Therefore, this spring model can be called an ideal illustration of the current season with its pleasant chores in the garden.

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