Smart Rubik’s Cube “syncs” with the application – now “how to solve” is not a question

Smart Rubik's Cube "syncs" with the application - now "how to solve" is not a question

Firstly, it’s great that he appeared: it was high time for all of us to remember the classic “alternative to the spinner” and return to the roots. Spinning the Rubik’s Cube in your hands is not only soothing, but also intellectual.

Secondly, it was simply necessary to make a “smart Rubik’s Cube” in our century: the prefix “smart” stood next to almost every object of reality. And finally, the cube that we decided to tell you about is simply well made.

What is Cube Tastic

Before us is a toy, which is a classic Rubik’s cube 3 by 3. The sides differ in colors, but this is not done due to stickers, but due to plastic inserts.

Smart Rubik's Cube

The second part of the game is a mobile application. The cube can be synchronized with a smartphone. Of course, there are no Bluetooth / Wi-fi here: everything happens due to augmented reality technologies.

Applications are localized!

Why is this needed?

In fact, if you look at the statistics of search queries, then queries from the series, how to solve a Rubik’s cube or “cube schemes”, you will either be surprised or indignant at how many people don’t want to think and look for a simple hack. Such a simple hack was found in the form of Cube-Tastic: you can sequentially collect the cube according to the prompts.

Who needs it?

Well, first of all, lazy. I got tired of collecting at some stage, I scanned the cube, finished it, and everything is fine: the eye rejoices. Secondly, it can be a good educational material for children who cannot solve the cube on their own. Finally, as a gift in general: a great souvenir that will always be collected.

How it works?

You “scan” the cube using your smartphone’s camera in a certain sequence. This sequence is indicated by the color of the dot: what color it lights up, it is necessary to point at such a circle.

You should aim at the central circles, which is clear from the grid, and, in order not to be mistaken, each scanned element of the cube is marked with an additional symbol.

Smart Rubik's Cube

After you have scanned all the pieces, the application will tell you how to place the cube and start giving hints.

Depending on how carefully you mixed the faces, the algorithm will calculate the number of steps. There may be 9-10 and 20-30, etc.

Smart Rubik's Cube

Arrows are located on the sides of the screen, and where the number of steps is “1/30”, there is a Play button. This means that there are two assembly modes: manual and automatic for a while. Also, in the top right corner, you can call up a special menu where all assembly steps are arranged in order.

Smart Rubik's Cube

As a result:

Smart Rubik's Cube

What do you get as a result?

You get a classic 3 by 3 Rubik’s cube with slightly modified side surfaces. It is well packaged, looks and feels like a worthy souvenir for both a child and an adult, and even more so for a collection for those who collect such cubes.

Smart Rubik's Cube

The product is localized, there is even a instruction in the kit.

There are certainly a lot of puzzle cubes: there are one-color ones, with different sizes of squares, there are also with an increased area, and many other options, up to much more aggressive experiments with shape. So the classic cube with a “highlight” in the form of a guaranteed assembly – logically occupies its own niche.

From personal experience

Full delight. And the idea itself, and the assembly process “for the lazy”, and the implementation of the application – that is, I really liked it. Now I twist in my hands instead of a spinner.

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