Should we expect new Lego sets based on the movie “The Matrix”


Is it possible for Lego sets to return in The Matrix themed series?

Construction fans are waiting for the appearance of sets dedicated to the famous “Matrix”. This film literally ruled the minds of young people in the late 90s and early 2000s. Expectations are largely associated with the premiere of the fourth part of the cult film “Return of the Matrix”. The film was shown to the audience on large screens on December 22. In the new series, the main character of the film, Kian Reeves, again finds himself in a situation where reality has to be transformed into a “digital format” in order to solve the problems that have arisen.

What does the Return of the Matrix premiere have to do with Lego sets? Most directly, because the Danish company is unlikely to miss the chance to use the increased interest in fantasy adventures. Especially among adults who remember the first parts of The Matrix. So the release of thematic constructors for the 18+ category of builders looks like a completely logical decision. Moreover, the prefabricated sets based on the plot of the film “Return of the Matrix” will indirectly help the Danish company to attract the attention of a younger audience to their products.

In favor of the version of the commentators is the publication in the official LEGO account on Instagram of the above photo depicting two hands with multi-colored Lego cubes. When looking at the picture, those who have seen The Matrix immediately have an association with the film. More precisely, with a fragment when the hero is faced with a choice: red or blue pill? So the illustration by many Lego fans is perceived as a subtle allusion to the revival of the thematic line of constructors.



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