Set on the marine theme from a fan of “Lego”

Recently completed the first qualifying stage of author’s designers on the site LEGO Ideas. In May, a competent jury will consider projects that have received the support of 10,000 construction fans.

A total of 39 works were selected. Now the specialists and designers of the Danish manufacturer will consider unique ideas and choose from them those that will turn into official Lego sets in the near future.

The final model included in the first review of 2022 was “Submarine “Nautilus” French fan Sebastien Esno. The author has developed his modular toy based on the content of Jules Verne’s famous novel “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. The prefabricated set allows you to recreate one of the most memorable episodes that happened during the crossing of the oceans by Captain Nemo from 1753 cubes – an unpleasant meeting with a giant octopus.

Lego fan offers to assemble a set - a journey of

The design of the 45-cm submarine, as well as the prototype, has an elongated and cigar-shaped shape. Sebastian installed 6 portholes on the sides of the ship. In addition, one of the walls is removable, so for a more detailed view, you can remove it and examine the internal structure of the wheelhouse, wardroom, engine room.

In addition to Captain Nemo, the package includes minifigures:

  • his servant Conseil,
  • Professor Aronax,
  • harpuier Ned Lund.
  • Nautilus officer.

Realistically reflected the seabed with corals, marine plants and underwater inhabitants. Therefore, in addition to the game and aesthetic function, the set also contains educational material.

According to the author of the project, this “Nautilus” designed as a model for display in collections, and as an ordinary toy for children. So the toy is designed to satisfy the needs of various categories of fans of the “world of cubes”.

Lego fan offers to assemble a set - a journey of

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