Series “Brick Heads” will be replenished with new sets

Young collectors will soon have the opportunity to add two new exhibits to their home collections. Danish company Lego announced the release of sets:

  • 40545 LEGO BrickHeadz Koi Fish
  • 40546 LEGO BrickHeadz Poodle.

Each of them contains figures of two individuals of the animal world, and not one, as you might think from the names of the prefabricated sets. Such a pair of pets will definitely please their owners!

40545 LEGO BrickHeadz Koi Fish

So in the set 40545 LEGO BrickHeadz Koi Fish the family of the most beautiful carp from Japan is presented. Funny characters reflect the characteristics of the legendary cartoon characters. First of all, their famous unusually bright and multi-colored scales. It is noteworthy that these are not just two figures, but a whole location. The finished design will recreate a fragment of the underwater world where these fish live. For a realistic imitation of swimming in the depths of an adult fish with its offspring, the figures of the characters were installed on transparent parts-deliveries.

40546 LEGO BrickHeadz Poodle

Second set 40546 LEGO BrickHeadz Poodle Lovers of pets will love it. Contrary to the peculiarities of the abstract form, the creators of the toy managed to depict the figures of an elegant and pretty breed in a very realistic way. Mainly due to the main distinguishing feature – unusually curly hair.

These construction sets will arrive in Lego branded stores in early August. Prefabricated kits will be sold at a price of 14.99 euros. In general, each of the presented sets will be a great gift for children of 8 years of age.

Two exciting new additions to the LEGO Brick Heads series

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