Selenohod from the designer LEGO EV3

Selenokhod is a lunar rover built by a Russian team to compete in the Google Lunar X PRIZE competition. At the moment, the project is closed, but an interesting design with an equally interesting system of movement on the lunar surface remained. Using the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 starter kit (45544), it is possible to assemble a Selenokhod model that will move in the same way and raise and lower its “head” in the same way.

Selenokhod EV3 (Selenokhod EV3)

The model was created based on this video: When creating the model, I did not set a goal to create a vehicle with good cross-country ability. When walking the body Selenohod it does not rise too high, but it is enough to move on flat surfaces. To simulate a solar panel, I used the EV3 Brick Battery Cover.

For demonstration Selenohod written a simple program:

  1. After switching on, the red LED light flashes. At this time, you need to install skis Selenohod top by pressing the top or bottom buttons. After installing the skis, or if the installation of skis is not required, you can press the center button to make the robot fold its “head” and return to its original position.
  2. After the “head” lay down, the orange backlight starts flashing. It means that Selenokhod ready to “explore the moon”. You have to press the center button on the EV3 Brick to wake it up. Please note that the center button can be pressed without raising the “head” Selenohod: You can press directly on the “solar battery” of the robot.
  3. During the “exploration of the lunar surface” Selenokhod moves forward until it encounters an obstacle. If he comes across an obstacle, he steps back, turns to an arbitrary angle and continues his journey. Periodically, the robot lowers its “head” as if exploring the lunar surface.
  4. Stop Selenokhod by pressing the center button on the EV3 Brick. After that, he will complete the current movement to the end, then fold his head and complete the program.

How the demo program works can be seen in the video:

Selenokhod can also be controlled from a smartphone using the program LEGO Mindstorm Commander. Here’s a video:

For each motor I used three separate buttons FRWRD/BACK TILT and LEFT/RIGHT TILT for tilt control.

The Selenokhod control panel in the LEGO Mindstorms Commander appSetting up the first button in the LEGO Mindstorms Commander app to control the SelenokhodSetting up a second button in the LEGO Mindstorms Commander app to control the SelenokhodSetting up the third button in the LEGO Mindstorms Commander app to control the Selenokhod

Assembly instructions Selenohod and demo program below:


Another way to control the seed hod is shown in this video:

Here the control is done using the RoboCam app. How to install and use this application, read the following articles. You can download ready-made RoboCam settings for selenohod control here.

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