Sad news for Lego fans


European construction fans were extremely upset by the new information about the increase in prices for the Danish manufacturer’s kits from 2022. This time around, a big price increase is being reported for another dozen of the popular buildable toys. The blogs have published the names of the next “candidate” designers, the cost of which will soon increase from 4 to 20% compared to today’s price tags. Thus, they added to the list of 27 constructors, which at the end of the summer appeared among the “inflationary” sets.

Recall that the LEGO Group in September published an official statement about the spreading rumors and actually confirmed their accuracy. According to that document, the increase in the cost of the kits is due to the implementation of measures by merchants aimed at “making RRP prices more consistent across countries (in Western Europe) from 2022”, and that “the final price charged to buyers is set by retailers, not the LEGO Group.”

However, the company limited itself to only a dry statement of fact: the prices for some sets “either will decrease or increase.” She did not name specific series of sets that will be affected by the price “pendulum”.

Note that some commentators perceived the LEGO Group’s autumn statement as a banal attempt to relieve themselves of all responsibility for what is happening, shifting the arrows to trading enterprises. In this regard, now they are wondering how much the price changes will affect the official stores of Lego itself? Will the cost of constructors rise in them? According to the logic of the statement, the Danish manufacturer should not raise prices for its own products in its subsidiaries.


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