“Roller coaster at the Magic Fair” – a real carnival is guaranteed!


with new constructor 41685 LEGO® Friends Magic Fair Roller Coaster children will have a great opportunity to immerse themselves in a realistic carnival game. The large set is endowed with a huge amount of detail and will distract any child from gadgets, moreover, for many hours.

Firstly, he will have to spend a lot of time on the assembly itself – the toy consists of several buildings and attractions.

Secondly, when he starts playing, he will have to explore all the potential inherent in the gaming complex. And it, in fact, is identical to what is provided in real children’s amusement parks.

The buildings of the scale set will take up a fairly decent area, which will impress even the parents:

  • a colorful tent-tent, included in the package of the game location, will be over 27 cm high and 34 cm wide;
  • roller coaster – over 13 cm high and 52 cm long.

In addition to two rides and a fabric-topped show tent, the set includes a photo booth, popcorn stand, accessories ranging from juggling clubs, stage makeup, to balloons and glow-in-the-dark cubes!

In general, there is everything here to arrange a real carnival in the children’s room. So the child, along with four miniature figurines of girlfriends, will be able to surprise parents and friends with magic tricks, making Claire disappear into a magic box, arrange a show of fire-eaters, ride roller coasters with girlfriends, sitting in rabbit trailers, swing on a swing, eat popcorn. With this game constructor, fun is guaranteed!


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