Review of the designer Lego Technic 42117 “Racing Plane”

Review of the designer Lego Technic 42117 "Racing Plane"

Today’s review is dedicated to the Lego Technic “racing plane” 2 in 1 construction set. Set #42117 allows you to assemble two types of aircraft – a racing propeller and a modern jet. This fun set contains 154 pieces and is suitable for ages 7+.


  • Specifications
  • Packing and scope of delivery
  • Assembly of the first version
  • Assembly of the second option
  • Conclusion


  • Series: Lego Technic
  • Set number: 42117
  • Number of parts: 154
  • Age groups: 7+ years
  • Package size: 15x14x6 cm
  • The size of the assembled toy: 23x18x9 cm.

Packing and scope of delivery

As always, has fast delivery from a warehouse in the World. In Bryansk, the set came to me 2 days after the order, I took it from the post office near the house.

The packaging is authentic Lego, this designer is original. The colors of the print are vibrant and two assembly options are shown.

The constructor was made in the Czech Republic at the end of 2021. Service life 10 years.

Open the box – inside the instruction, bags with parts and stickers. Lego’s Technic series contains not only simple blocks, but also various axles and mechanisms, this allows you to create more realistic toys.

The instruction is detailed, step by step, with color pictures. Only the first version of the assembly of the designer is printed on it – a piston racing aircraft. What about the second option? – we will understand further.

Assembly of the first version

We start assembling the first aircraft. Details are smooth, there is no smell. Stickers stick well. The son of 9 years old collects, this is not the first Lego Technic constructor for him, they are more attractive than the usual series.

It took less than an hour for an experienced person. Only a few small details remain. For assembly-disassembly, a Brick Separator is very useful.

The finished model looks dynamic, the colors are bright. Weight ~90 g. Reminds me of a sports light aircraft.

As I wrote above, Lego Technic is not a simple constructor, there are working mechanisms here. In this aircraft, the wheels (undercarriage) are connected to the propeller through several gears. This increases the interest while playing with the plane.

Assembly of the second option

To find instructions for the second assembly option, you need to go to the manufacturer’s website or download the Lego mobile application. The mobile application, of course, is more convenient, the phone can be placed nearby. According to the article of the designer, everything is easy to find.

I collected the second option with a cat. In order to try the new Lego Technic on myself, I didn’t have this ~ 30 years ago, although there was a simple Lego.

Hands remember – it took less than an hour. Such designers are great at developing hand motor skills and spatial imagination.

Plane number 2 is a little strange, it seems to be a jet in silhouette, but there is a propeller in the back. Turboprop?

Additional wings after the nose, and the dropping nose of the model reminded me of the T-4 from the Sukhoi Design Bureau, I saw it in the Monino Museum, it makes an impression even now.

The mechanization of the screw is also available:


The Lego Technic 42117 2-in-1 constructor will be an interesting gift for a child for any occasion. The model is simple and suitable for getting to know the Technic series.

For this lot, there is a fast courier delivery from a warehouse in the World. Also, do not forget about the coupon under the price “US $14.09 On order from US $14.09”

Thank you for your attention. Enjoy the shopping!

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