Replenishment of the collection of creative postcards “Lego”

About set 40569 LEGO London construction fans learned from the information of one thematic magazine. And now there is an official announcement of its release. The original designer will continue the collection of creative postcards. In 2022, two similar postcards have already been released: “New York” and “Beijing”. Now London and Paris are on their way.

With a standard 15-centimeter diameter, the novelty is attractive in comparison with the previous versions with a more diverse range of colors. The model is amazingly colorful and includes some of the most important sights of the English capital.

First of all, this is the Elizabeth Tower, or otherwise Big Ben. In the presented vignette, the structure rises above all other structures. The majestic tower, despite such small dimensions, turned out to be perfectly detailed.

But the image of the modern symbol of the city on the Thames – the London Eye, the largest Ferris wheel in Europe and the world, or in the translation “London Eye” (opened in 2000), caused criticism from fans Lego.

This happened:

  • firstly, due to the uneven distribution of booths around the wheel;
  • secondly, the hub is not located in the center;
  • thirdly, stickers are used in its design.

By the way, a large number of stickers in the postcard – there are only 13 of them – was also perceived negatively.

However, in general, despite these shortcomings, the bright London Postcard, which looks great on the display, was well received by consumers and is ready to buy it at the first opportunity.

Kit 40569 LEGO London consists of 277 parts. Price: 14.99 euros.

Simultaneously with this postcard comes the second – 40569 LEGO Pariswhich we have already talked about in the news on our website.

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