Replenishment is expected in the line of Minecraft constructors

The other day, fans of the desktop version of Minecraft learned that at least 2 more constructors will be released in 2022. That is, the popular video game continues to conquer the “world of cubes.” The twelve themed packs released in the last six months will be joined by game sets in August-September 21189 LEGO Minecraft Skeleton and 21190 LEGO Minecraft Abandoned Village.

The main feature of the designers should be attributed to the fact that they are developed on the basis of the latest update of the Minecraft video game called Caves and Mountains. They also announce a little about the recently announced Minecraft Legends game. At the last LEGO CON 2022, “brick” novelties were presented by Agnes Larsson, specially invited to the event, Director of Minecraft Games. This indicates the joint work of the two brands on the above projects.

Now let’s talk a little about the content of these sets.

21189 LEGO Minecraft Skeleton

The line of Minecraft sets will be replenished with two more game sets at the end of summer

When assembling the model, young construction fans will immediately pay attention to unusual stone spikes. These are stalactites and stalagmites – they are borrowed from a big update of the original “Minecraft”. Stalactites form on the ceiling of the cave, and stalagmites “break through” from the ground.

In the game set, ceiling spikes are able to fall on skeletons – for this, the player needs to press the main character to one of the stalagmites, after which stones will fall on hostile creatures from above. And there will be enough enemies here. According to the plot of the board version of the game, 3 skeletons live in a cave built from 364 “bricks”. The speleologist will have to meet with them. The main character is exploring caves for useful ores and natural structures, which can contain chests with various rare items.

Bushes, tendrils grow inside the cave, there is clay and torches. A spawner skeleton rotates in a skeletal verlis. When the wall is flipped, a third skeleton appears. The toy also includes:

  • crossbow,
  • pick,
  • chest with plate, bread and bone.

That is, there is everything here so that the players of the desktop “Minecraft” have many opportunities for creative adventures!

21189 LEGO Minecraft Skeleton will retail for €29.99.

21190 LEGO Minecraft Abandoned Village

The line of Minecraft sets will be replenished with two more game sets at the end of summer

The abandoned village is noticeably larger than the previous game location. This means that Minecraft fans will devote more of their time to it – both for construction and for the game itself.

The universal model is represented by several separate segments:

  • primarily a zombie hunter’s house, which contains a bed, oven, workbench, archery target, candles, and torches inside;
  • the second facility is a zombie villager’s workshop with a smelting furnace, a campfire, an armor rack, and a diamond sword;
  • the third location includes a pumpkin patch of a zombie farm with compost heaps and torches;
  • The fourth segment of the game complex introduces an abandoned house with pumpkins, barrels, a stone saw and ebony.

The tabletop version features a zombie farmer, whose prototype featured prominently in the original video game update mentioned above, and a black cat zombie hunter. The heroes are faced with the task of reviving the abandoned village and making the pumpkin patch bloom.

Constructor 21190 LEGO Minecraft Abandoned Village can be purchased for 49.99 euros.

Both sets promise to be entertaining due to their good gaming potential. The child will be able to build structures from his favorite video game with his own hands, and then participate in exciting duels.

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