Renovation of the Legoland resort village is expected. Germany┬╗


The rapidly approaching 2022 will be very rich in various events and innovations in the “world of cubes”. We have already reported on some of them. Interesting news in this regard continues to arrive. Here is one of them – for visitors to the German amusement park LEGOLAND Deutschland next year will be marked by the opening of a whole quarter called “Ninjago”.

From the first photo, you can understand what the German quarter “NinjaGo” will be like in real form from the outside. This is a fairly large architectural structure on 2 floors. From each room there is an exit to a family recreation area fenced off by a partition from the neighboring ones. To a large extent, they resemble a special place for training, or otherwise a dojo, in which young ninjas work out the spinjitzu martial arts.

The building is attractively decorated in oriental style. It combines a golden color palette with bright reds, pale greens and grays. The walls and partitions are decorated with the corresponding symbols.

In the same vein, that is, completely in the style of the thematic series of constructors of the NinjaGo series, the interior rooms are decorated.

Resort village

Rooms, decor, bedspreads and pillows – everything around this amazing hotel is designed to create a themed atmosphere. Additionally, the pictures painted on the walls and also placed in artistic frames remind of the brave young ninjas.

In general, everything is done here so that the children together with their parents during their stay in the rooms of the complex feel themselves in a familiar environment according to the former prefabricated toys.

Renovation of the Legoland resort village is expected.  Germany


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