Release Predictions for the Rebel Base on Yavin IV


In recent days, the news about the upcoming release of the set has become a real sensation. LEGO Star Wars Yavin IV with a huge rebel base. It spread around the world wide web after the publication of an Instagram post by a user under the nickname legohio. Prior to this, the author has already given several accurate forecasts for other new products, so most commentators tend to trust his version.

So legohio claims that the designer under the article 71551 will not be either the Geonosian Arena, or the Ewok Village, or the Death Star, as previously assumed. In fact, in his opinion, the creators of the set will offer to build the first Yavin IV base in the history of the “world of cubes”, or rather half of the military facility in the form of a three-story building with an open interior.

The assembly is based on modular technology. The first level will be occupied by a hangar for the Millennium Falcon starship (its model is included in the assembly kit) and other rebel aircraft. This suggests that the dimensions of the model will be impressive.

The control room and ceremonial rooms will be located on the second and third floors of the main building. The number of minifigures and which specific characters are included in the game set has not yet been reported.

Predictions about the large sizes of the main model from the set 71551 LEGO Star Wars Yavin IV confirmed by the expected “star” price – 529.99 dollars (57,265 rubles). The release of the designer is expected at the end of 2022.

Release Predictions for the Rebel Base on Yavin IV

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