Realistic copy of the Moscow Cathedral made of Lego blocks


The brightest national architectural symbol of Russiawithout doubt, Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square. Built in the middle of the 16th century by decree of Ivan the Terrible in honor of the capture of the Kazan Khanate, even today it amazes the guests of our capital with its majestic beauty. Well, he encourages gifted people to create creative copies. Therefore, it is not surprising that this majestic building has become the focus of attention of Lego artists and designers.

Recently, the popular thematic site “Brothers Brik” told readers about a unique model of St. Basil’s Cathedral, created by Ken Zwanenburg, a fan of construction. We invite our readers to evaluate this work on their own using the photographs shown here, in which the project is shown from two sides.

For our part, we note that, in our opinion, the cathedral made of cubes turned out to be quite realistic. The author of the composite copy of the Russian landmark managed to reflect in the toy model the characteristic features of a rather complex architectural structure, both in general and in detail. For example, the colors of the domes are superbly conveyed, each of which is endowed with a unique color scheme.


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