Rating of the TOP 10 cots for newborns: characteristics, comparison, selection criteria, reviews


Before the birth of a child, new parents need to buy a lot of things, and a crib is most often at the top of this list. A baby can sleep 17 hours a day, so it’s important to provide him with a safe, comfortable space to sleep.

The choice of baby beds for newborns is extremely large, and without a hint it can be quite difficult to decide which of the many models to choose. In this article, I will give some tips on choosing the perfect bed for your baby, as well as consider the most popular models on the market, analyze their pros and cons.

Rating of cribs for newborns

Red Star Paulina-2 С422

Universal oval-shaped transforming bed. Able to turn into a cradle with a free-standing changing table, a full-fledged crib, a sofa with a dismantled wall, an arena, a table and two chairs. The model is made of birch wood, covered with water-based paint. Available in 5 neutral colors suitable for both boys and girls, it can fit into any modern or classic interior. The model is equipped with a longitudinal pendulum, which facilitates motion sickness, with the possibility of installing an automatic swing device.

Type of Transformer
Bed dimensions 65×125 cm
Number of bottom height levels 3 levels
Material Tree (birch)
Motion sickness mechanism longitudinal pendulum
  • great functionality;
  • made of natural wood;
  • covered with safe paint.

Universal, high-quality crib. She moved, that is, it was already assembled 2 times. It is easy to assemble – the husband did not even look at the instructions properly. The price is, of course, higher than for the classic model. But we have not seen such a number of assembly options for any model. Plus, there is an additional option – an automatic bed rocking device on the control panel, it’s just a diamond for an ever-tired mother). In general, they did not regret the money spent.

The manufacturer made the bottom of the crib perforated, which made it possible to partially remove the problem of mattress ventilation, although it did not add orthopedic properties to the design.

Gandylyan Dashenka K2001-02

Classic crib designed for children up to 3 years of age. Made of wood, painted with safe water-based paint. The sliding wall will allow you to comfortably get the child out of the crib. The model is mounted on skids or rubberized wheels with stoppers.

Type of classical
Bed dimensions 60×120 cm
Number of bottom height levels 2 levels
Material Wood (Beech)
Motion sickness mechanism skids
  • removable wheels;
  • linen box;
  • available in 5 colors;
  • low price;
  • nice appearance;
  • silicone pads on the sides.
  • open-type laundry box is poorly protected from dust.

I was looking for a crib with a mechanism for lowering the side, like on old Soviet cribs, I didn’t find it (and I took this one, I liked it outwardly. At first it was really difficult to lower it, but now it’s easier, apparently the mechanism has developed. I didn’t see any problems with wheels, sometimes we move the crib to the next one the room, the wheels are held in. As for the assembly, it’s not difficult, all the holes are neat enough.for the money, an excellent bed!


Elegant classic bed made in Italy. It is equipped with a pendulum, a box for linen from a chipboard of open type. The model allows you to lower the side wall, raise or lower the bottom, depending on the age of the child. The bed is available in 3 colors: white, beige and wenge.

Type of classical
Bed dimensions 60×120 cm
Number of bottom height levels 2 levels
Material chipboard, wood
Motion sickness mechanism transverse pendulum
  • reliable and convenient motion sickness mechanism;
  • a well-fitted linen box;
  • eye-pleasing design.
  • complex assembly instructions.

I ordered SWEET BABY Luciano as I wanted. It has all the features we needed. There is a pendulum, we rock the child only in the crib. The bottom height is adjustable. So far, it has been placed in the highest position. As soon as the child starts to get up, immediately lower the bottom. Well, the drawer turned out to be handy, although initially I thought that it was not needed.

Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1

Multifunctional cradle designed for babies up to 6 months old. Thanks to the smooth height adjustment, it can be used as a side bed next to the parent’s bed. After the child grows out of the cradle, it can be transformed into a deck chair or high chair. The model is equipped with an electronic arc with suspended toys and a music playback function. The wheels of the model are equipped with reliable clamps.

Type of Cradle
Bed dimensions 85×60 cm
Number of bottom height levels Smooth height adjustment
Material Metal, plastic, textile
Motion sickness mechanism Not
  • multifunctionality;
  • easy assembly;
  • the presence of an electronic arc in the kit.
  • you can use the model as a crib for a short time.

High-quality comfortable cradle, like all products of the Italian brand Chicco. Pleasant melodies, the second the child remembers and joyfully meets the sound. Soft pleasant children’s toys. The bed is pleasant, there are seat belts, when you change the angle of the cradle for a sitting position

Wundermöbel MultiSleep Classic

Excellent classic type bed made of solid wood. It can stand both separately and right next to the sleeping place of the parents. Two legs in this model are equipped with wheels, the other two act as stoppers. The crib is equipped with spring pendulums of a unique design, absolutely silent and providing physiologically correct motion sickness. It has a removable ladder, thanks to which an older child can climb inside himself. The bed is available in 7 colors.

Type of Classical
Bed dimensions 60×120 cm
Number of bottom height levels 8 levels
Material Wood (beech)
Motion sickness mechanism Pendulum mechanism of a special design
  • orthopedic base;
  • the possibility of flexible adjustment of the depth of the crib;
  • compensator for use as an extra bed;
  • original design pendulum for easy motion sickness;
  • removable wall;
  • silicone pads.
  • not detected.

The attached bed mode is very convenient and practical. The child sleeps, at the same time, next to us and in his crib. At night, I don’t have to get up several times, just reach out to the baby to take it. The appearance of the bed is stylish and concise. We have a classic model, the color is white / cream – it fits perfectly into the interior of the room. The bed is very practical, has several bed positions, I think we will use it for another 5 years!

Fairy 1100

Universal transforming bed with a built-in chest of drawers, linen drawers and a changing table. The model is easily transformed into a full-fledged bed for a teenager. The side panel drops down, making it easy to get the child out of bed. The piece of furniture is treated with water-based paint and varnish. The pendulum mechanism will facilitate motion sickness of the child.

Type of Transformer
Bed dimensions 120*60cm
Number of bottom height levels 2 levels
Material Wood, chipboard
Motion sickness mechanism transverse pendulum
  • storage boxes;
  • the possibility of transformation into a teenage bed;
  • silicone pads on the top of the sides;
  • orthopedic slats;
  • pendulum;
  • baby changing table.
  • not detected

We use for a long time. The pendulum was used for up to 7 months, then it was removed as unnecessary. A huge plus is that the crib is designed for a child from 0 to adolescence. As the child grows, it can be transformed into a regular bed with an attached bedside table. Compact, fits a lot in drawers.

My baby

Cradle of the classical form “My Baby” from the brand of the same name. The model is compact, equipped with wheels for easy transportation around the apartment. Thanks to its compact size, it fits perfectly into small apartments. The cradle is stable, reliable, made of natural birch, available in 5 colors.

Type of Cradle
Bed dimensions 90×45 cm
Number of bottom height levels one level
Material Tree (birch)
Motion sickness mechanism transverse pendulum
  • low price;
  • compactness;
  • wooden orthopedic slats;
  • pendulum;
  • compact dimensions.
  • noisy wheels;
  • only suitable for children under 6 months of age.

Compact and narrow, which allows it to be carried out in an ordinary small apartment through doorways. Ideal for babies birth and up to 6 months. There is a blocking exhibition rocker. The bed is made of birch (solid wood).

Don’t forget to use the wheel and swingarm locks if you don’t need them at the moment. It’s a matter of baby’s safety.

Nuovita Nido Magic 5 in 1

A convertible bed offering a record number of uses. Able to replace a cradle, a crib for an older child, an arena, a sofa, a table and a pair of chairs. By purchasing and installing an additional part, you can transform the design into a full-fledged bed for a child under the age of 12 years. The bed is equipped with a convenient pendulum mechanism, it is easy to move around the room thanks to the wheels with stoppers. The model is produced in 5 colors, among which there are both neutral options and pronounced “boys” and “girls”.

Type of Transformer
Bed dimensions 76×126 cm
Number of bottom height levels 3 levels
Material Wood (Beech)
Motion sickness mechanism transverse pendulum
  • many transformation options;
  • the presence of a pendulum;
  • wheels with lock.
  • solid bottom;
  • the detail for transformation into a teenage bed is bought separately.

I wanted such a bed so that I could not think about choosing a new one for 4-5 years, and here it is, it goes from 0 to 12 years. It transforms from a cradle into an oval one, an arena, a sofa, and if you buy a part, then into a teenage one. Of course, I also chose the design, I liked that the bed with rounded corners, I took a white one, it looks very nice, a real bed for a little princess. Bottom height adjustable in 3 positions. The crib itself is wooden, wheels with a stopper. You can swing easily with one hand, no special efforts are required. Practical, beautiful and comfortable bed, and most importantly, the baby sleeps well in it)

Geuther Cottage

This bed has a classic layout, but can be considered a transformer. Some of the elements on it are removed, which allows the bed to be used as a sleeping place for children under the age of 10 years. The distance between the rails in the side wall is optimal, the child is guaranteed not to get stuck. By removing a few slats, you will ensure that your child can get in and out of the crib without sacrificing their safety.

Type of Transformer
Bed dimensions 70×140 cm
Number of bottom height levels 3 levels
Material Chipboard, MDF
Motion sickness mechanism Not
  • Beautiful design;
  • transformation possibilities;
  • silicone pads.
  • no swing mechanism;
  • canopy sold separately.

This crib literally sets the tone for the entire child’s room – they picked up everything in light shades and looks just incredible. It is convenient to put the child / get it out, there is enough space for sleeping and even games, absolute stability. In general, it fully justifies the investment. Have not tried to transform yet, but I think it will also be convenient and beautiful.

Nuovita Accanto Bonta

A modern cradle that can be used as an extra bed. Adjustable legs allow you to flexibly adjust the height of the cradle to the parent bed. The adjustable bottom angle allows the baby to be laid down at a slight inclination, preventing spitting up after feeding. The bed can be moved around the apartment with the help of convenient wheels. The model is equipped with a belt that allows you to connect the parent and children’s bed, to prevent the formation of gaps.

Type of Cradle
Bed dimensions 72×42 cm
Number of bottom height levels 6 levels
Material Metal frame, textile, plastic
Motion sickness mechanism Not
  • small size;
  • can be used as a side bed;
  • the mesh wall provides ventilation and the ability to monitor the child;
  • there are wheels;
  • supplied with a belt for attaching to the parent’s bed;
  • comes with a modern mattress;
  • Has outside pockets for bottles and other accessories.
  • can only be used for the first six months;
  • no pendulum mechanism.

It caught my eye when I was looking for a bed for its unusual design. The assembly of the bed did not take much time, I assembled it myself, and what to collect here, everything is clear, and you don’t need to call the master assembler. When I had already decided on the purchase and checked all the functions, I realized what I needed. The most important thing is that it is stable, light and can be leaned against your bed. With pockets, well done, it’s convenient to put something here. It also moves easily due to the wheels. Everything for convenience is provided for both the baby and me.

What are cribs

Cribs for newborns are divided into 4 large categories. It:

  • classic beds;
  • transformers;
  • cradles or cradles;
  • arenas.

Classic cribs are also the most popular. For the most part, they are similar to each other: designed for children from birth to 3 years old, they have similar sizes, a standard rectangular shape. Often these cribs are equipped with a number of additional features: wheels, motion sickness mechanism, folding or removable sides, boxes for linen.

Transformers are more technically sophisticated beds, often having a non-standard shape, for example, an oval one. Such cribs are versatile – they can be decomposed into a bed for an older child, which will allow you to use one piece of furniture for 10-12 years. Many manufacturers also provide their cribs with additional modes, allowing you to turn them into a table, sofa or other piece of furniture.

The cradle is designed for children under the age of six months to a year. In it, the baby will be cozier and more comfortable than in a classic bed, in addition, a good cradle is much easier to move around the apartment and move to the parent’s bed at night, so that the child is under supervision all the time. The main disadvantage of cradles is their relatively short time of use. The child grows out of them very quickly, forcing them to go to the store for a new crib, while the cradle itself can only be sold or put away in the pantry.

Playpens with the function of a bed are suitable for families living in rented apartments. Their main advantage is ease of transportation. The playpen is easy to assemble and disassemble, equipped with wheels and weighs little, which makes it easy to move it around the apartment. However, it also has significant shortcomings. So, soft walls without crossbars make it difficult for the child to stand up. These cribs are best used as a spare or travel option.

How to choose a crib for a newborn

A huge variety of beds of different types can easily confuse young parents, forcing them to rack their brains a lot over choosing the right furniture for the nursery. Very often, the purchase is made only on the basis of the appearance of the bed, but this approach is unreasonable, as it does not take into account a number of important factors, such as:

  • material of manufacture;
  • safety;
  • availability of additional functions.


The most popular material for making cribs is natural wood: beech, alder, ash, birch, pine. Such furniture is quite durable and reliable, and most importantly – safe. Wood is considered an environmentally friendly material, it does not emit harmful substances.

Cheaper models are most often made from chipboard and MDF, or from plastic. In this case, you must make sure that there is no unpleasant smell coming from the crib, ask the seller for a safety certificate. Since these materials often emit dangerous allergens or toxic substances. In addition, they are less reliable and durable.

Metal is most often used as a frame material in some models of cradles and playpens. This material is reliable, but you need to make sure that it is covered with a layer of soft textile materials so that the child does not hit and does not come into contact with cold metal.


It is on safety that you must first pay attention when choosing a crib. It depends on many factors. So, if the furniture is made of wood, be sure to make sure that the material is well polished, there are no rough places and burrs on it that could be scratched or driven into a splinter. It is desirable that silicone teether pads be present on the crib, which will not allow the baby to damage the gums. Also, be sure to ask the seller to present certificates for the goods.

In most classic cribs, the side walls are made of vertical bars. It is important to measure the size between them, because if the gap is too small, a child’s arm or leg may get stuck in it. Too large a gap, on the contrary, can provoke a child to try to stick his head between the rails. The optimal distance is 6-7 centimeters.

When choosing between a solid bottom and separate slats, it is better to choose the latter. Thanks to them, the mattress will be ventilated, which will reduce the risk of accumulation of moisture in it and the development of harmful bacteria. In addition, good slats are springy, thereby providing an orthopedic effect and contributing to the development of correct posture.

There should be no places in the crib where the child could be injured, pinch his fingers. Keep in mind that models with a falling side wall are considered more traumatic, so if you buy one, make sure that the mechanism is reliable and will not work on its own.

Additional functions

Additional features, such as a motion sickness mechanism, will help make the crib more comfortable for mother and child. It can be of two types. Simpler models are equipped with conventional skids, more expensive cribs – with special pendulum mechanisms. It works quieter, does not require much physical effort, and is generally more convenient. It is important to make sure that the mechanism is equipped with stoppers.

A laundry box can be a useful addition to a small apartment. You can put bedding, clothes, children’s toys in it, but you need to take into account that the presence of a box makes the structure heavier and makes it difficult for free air circulation and ventilation of the mattress. In addition, bed models with a drawer are more expensive.

Another important aspect is the number of levels to set the bottom. There can be 2, 3, in some models – up to 8. They allow you to adjust the depth of the crib according to the age of the child. For a newborn, it can be made minimal so that it is more convenient for parents to get the baby, but when he learns to sit or stand, the bottom is lowered. Also, for an older child, a removable side wall or the ability to dismantle several crossbars in it can be provided – so he can climb in and out of bed on his own.

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