Rating of the TOP 10 bodyboards for boys and girls: benefits, popular models, classification, features of choice, reviews


Psychological science claims that at the age of 1 to 3 years, the child is dominated by “object-tool activity”, as a result of which he masters the skills of the correct use of the tools and objects of labor surrounding him. At this age, children are very fond of playing with locks, switches and other objects that surround them in everyday life, but they have not yet formed an understanding of what is dangerous and what is not. Parents should offer them a safe alternative, such as a business board.

They were invented by the famous teacher and child psychologist Maria Montessori. They contribute to the development of fine motor skills, perseverance, memory, logic and imagination, the formation of cause-and-effect relationships. Now bodyboards are very popular all over the world. Because of this, a huge number of different bodyboards can be found on sale. Unfortunately, not all of them are equally useful for the development of the child. In this article, I will tell you how to choose a toy that really develops your baby, and also compare the most popular models on the domestic market.

Busyboard rating

IWOODPLAY Bizidom 30x30x40 with electrics

One of the most functional business boxes on the market, equipped with a huge number of developmental elements, ranging from light bulbs and indicator lights to labyrinths, laces, gears and various locks. On the roof there is a pin sorter and a magnetic board on which you can “glue” colored figures of animals. The toy is large, stable, does not fall, even if the child leans on it to get up. The electrical unit is powered by two AA batteries.

Material Wood
The size 30x30x40 cm
Electrician Yes
Type of Busybox
Number of work surfaces 6 pcs
  • a large number of developing elements;
  • good build quality;
  • electrified components;
  • large size.
  • not detected.

“Ordered” this house to my grandmother as a gift to her grandson for a year and a half. We had no special illusions, but we hoped that the child would like it. As a result, everyone is delighted: the child – from an interesting toy, parents – from the opportunity to take the child on an independent game. Yes, due to age, the son himself has not been playing with the house for so long (10-15 minutes, then you need to suggest something, suggest, play along), but this is just salvation! As a result, even his favorites (for example, animals on magnets) came to light, to the games with which he returns again and again. But, in principle, not a single element is idle, everything is in business, uses everything, plays everything.

The large size and a huge number of elements make this business box an excellent option for kindergartens, early development groups, large families.

Chiki Briki House with light

Multifunctional business box with an electric block and a lot of interesting items for the child, such as sneakers with lacing, gears, a bell, switches, watches. The board is additionally equipped with a drawing board, removable numbers from 1 to 0, a host of other elements useful for developing fine motor skills, self-service skills, logic and spatial thinking. The model is distinguished by a high build quality, in addition, it is quite compact for a toy of this class.

Material Wood
The size 30x30x37 cm
Electrician Yes
Type of Busybox
Number of work surfaces 6 pcs
  • many elements;
  • good build quality;
  • high-quality, bright pictures.
  • not detected.

Very good quality, a lot of bells and whistles, safe for the child, light, zippers, locks, clocks, numbers. A board on which you can write with chalk. The child is not yet a year old, but she is delighted. The only thing so far I have removed the numbers from her, as she pulls in her mouth. Locks are already opening everything, like Velcro. And the biggest plus is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Thanks to the manufacturer. Order, you won’t regret it.

IWOODPLAY Byzidom 30x30x40 without electrics

A variant of the IWOODPLAY busibox without an electric unit. A great choice for parents who don’t want to stimulate their child’s interest in sockets and switches. The electrical components in this model were replaced by other developmental elements, so the refusal of them did not affect the filling density of the toy. The busy box perfectly replaces the sorter, while the figures are attached to the house with multi-colored cords, thanks to which they will definitely not be lost. Also in the model there are several drawers, a magnetic board, laces and fasteners, a lot of other items useful for the development of fine motor skills.

Material Wood
The size 30x30x40 cm
Electrician Not
Type of Busybox
Number of work surfaces 6 pcs
  • multifunctional;
  • replaces the classic sorter;
  • stable.
  • There are no electrical components.

Bought for a 1 year old. So far I’ve got 100% attention. Our fidget spent an hour spinning around him. This is directly an achievement for her, they were specifically looking for an option without electricians, because. and so increased interest in sockets and wires. So far, attention has been absorbed by the sorter on the roof and the doors, behind which you can hide a bunch of things. The quality is decent, nothing falls off, does not creak … in general, so far we are satisfied.

Alatoys Development

Compact business board with 10 educational elements. Despite the small number of details. They are chosen very competently and contribute to the complex development of the child. With this business board, he will be able to learn colors, learn how to insert a plug into an outlet, tie shoelaces and fasten a zipper, learn the names of basic geometric shapes, and master the basics of counting.

Material Wood
The size 30×40 cm
Electrician Not
Type of Classical
Number of work surfaces 1 PC
  • bright design;
  • good quality detail.
  • few elements.

Very well made. The materials are natural, the colors are bright. Lots of different shapes and materials. Will develop tactile sensations.

A good model for younger children who can get confused by too many educational elements and lose interest in the toy.

Toy Master Miracle House

Wooden business box, each side of which is decorated in its own style. The model is equipped with a fairly large number of game and developmental elements, it has a clock, opening and closing doors and windows, labyrinths, laces and a lot of other details with which the child can interact. The model is very reliable and stable, it will withstand even if the child leans on the toy with all its weight. Colorful design allows you to quickly attract the attention of the baby and hold it for a long time.

Material Plywood
The size 40 cm × 30 cm × 15 cm
Electrician Not
Type of Busybox
Number of work surfaces 6 pcs
  • bright design;
  • made of natural wood;
  • stable and reliable.
  • no electrics.

I liked the business board very much, it’s not flimsy at all, it’s stable, my daughter gets up around him, everything goes around in circles, all the walls and the roof are involved, the photo and description match, nothing broke, didn’t come off, everything works, securely fixed.

Toy Master Workshop

Compact business board, stylized as a factory. Most of the moving parts are stylized as a variety of gears and other factory machines. Hidden under a Velcro textile pocket is a painted car that delivered firewood to the factory. The small size of the board makes the board a good travel option, allowing you to take your child in a car or train compartment.

Material Metal, wood, plastic, textile
The size 19.5x14x2.2 cm
Electrician Not
Type of Classical
Number of work surfaces 1 PC
  • bright design;
  • high build quality.

Small size, but the child liked it. Everything is bright, neat, functional)

Boring games Three Little Pigs

A colorful board dedicated to the fairy tale “Three Little Pigs” and allowing you to play a whole performance on the board. All houses have opening doors, under which recesses for figurines of pigs are hidden. Having removed several Christmas trees on the left side of the board, the child will see the real Gray Wolf, and by turning the gears, he will be able to “destroy” houses made of wood and straw. The edges of the business board are rounded, so you can not be afraid that the child will be scratched about them.

Material Wood
The size 37 x 18 cm
Electrician Not
Type of Classical
Number of work surfaces 1 PC
  • bright design:
  • plot.
  • a small number of elements.

Very bright colors, paints do not smell at all, everything is done very high quality. Several options for housing piglets.

Alatoys Fidget

A simple, but bright and thoughtful business board, on which the manufacturer placed a well-chosen set of components: a shoe with a lace, a zipper, an abacus, a sorter with 4 animal figures, a labyrinth, a clock, a plug with a socket, two interconnected gears. The model will help the child learn colors, numbers and the principle of the watch, the names of animals, develop fine motor skills, learn how to fasten clothes and tie shoelaces. The components are evenly spaced, the bodyboard does not look cluttered.

Material Wood
The size 25×35
Electrician Not
Type of Classical
Number of work surfaces 1 PC
  • bright;
  • ergonomic;
  • thoughtful package.
  • only 9 elements;
  • heavy.

The child liked it, everything looks strong.

Krona Razvitayka

A fairly compact business board, in which there is nothing superfluous. Equipped with all the necessary basic elements, it helps to master the basics of counting, remember the colors and names of figures, develop fine motor skills and learn how to tie shoelaces. The design of the model is simple, which makes it a good option for kids who may be distracted by bright pictures. The business board is small, does not take up much space, it can be easily mounted on the wall.

Material Wood, textile
The size 42*29.7*1cm
Electrician Not
Type of Classical
Number of work surfaces 1 PC
  • environmentally friendly materials;
  • thoughtful content.
  • removable elements are easily lost;
  • simple design.

I recommend. Gave to goddaughter. The child was delighted. The toy is interesting. In use for more than six months. Not tired – it pleases. Good quality.

Toy Master Around the World

An excellent business box dedicated to traveling around the world. Each work surface here is made in its own style, which will keep the child’s interest longer. Busybox is equipped with a large number of labyrinths, opening windows-portholes, a swivel mechanism for raising the anchor. The model is reliable, stable, easy to assemble without the use of tools.

Material Wood
The size 46 x 31.5 x 38 cm
Electrician Not
Type of Busybox
Number of work surfaces 5 pieces.
  • stable;
  • bright design;
  • good functionality.
  • The picture is glued to the base and may come off.

Interesting, relatively inexpensive. Large size, heavy. Cooked for a child on New Year’s Eve, should like it.

comparison table

For the convenience of the reader, I have reduced the characteristics of all the bodyboards presented in this rating into a single plate. This will make it easy to compare any of them in all key parameters.

Model Material The size Electrician Type of Number of work surfaces
IWOODPLAY Bizidom 30x30x40 with electrics Wood 30x30x40 cm Yes Busybox 6 pcs
Chiki Briki House with light Wood 30x30x37 cm Yes Busybox 6 pcs
IWOODPLAY Byzidom 30x30x40 without electrics Wood 30x30x40 cm Not Busybox 6 pcs
Alatoys Development Wood 30×40 cm Not Classical 1 PC
Toy Master Miracle House Plywood 40 cm × 30 cm × 15 cm Not Busybox 6 pcs
Toy Master Workshop Metal, wood, plastic, textile 19.5x14x2.2 cm Not Classical 1 PC
Boring games Three Little Pigs Wood 37 x 18 cm Not Classical 1 PC
Alatoys Fidget Wood 25×35 Not Classical 1 PC
Krona Razvitayka Wood, textile 42*29.7*1cm Not Classical 1 PC
Toy Master Around the World Wood 46 x 31.5 x 38 cm Not Busybox 5 pieces.

What are bodyboards

The simplest and most common criterion by which bodyboards can be classified is their shape. There are bodyboards

  • classic;
  • curly;
  • “books”
  • “soft”
  • cubic or “Beezyboxes”.

A classic business board is a rectangular or square board, on the front side of which there are various developmental elements. The back side can be used to attach the toy to the wall – in this case, there may be rings or other elements for this purpose.

The figured business board is similar to the classic one, however, its base can be made in the form of a house, a fish, an animal, and developing elements are often installed in such a way as to enhance the similarity. “Books” consist of two interconnected boards, shaped like an easel. Items can be fixed on two or one of the sides of such a board – in the second case, a chalk board is usually placed in the back.

Soft bodyboards are designed for the smallest users and serve mainly for the development of tactile sensations. Scraps of different fabrics, all kinds of rustling bags and other similar things are sewn onto the fabric base.

Busybox is a box, on each side of which, except for the bottom, there are developing elements. This is a more complex and expensive option, which, however, allows you to place a maximum of various items. Such boxes are often stylized as houses.

Filling bodyboards

Depending on the model and size of the board, its content can vary quite a lot, but there are certain groups of elements that are used especially often. It:

  • A variety of fasteners, zippers, buttons, laces and Velcro.
  • Locks, latches, hecks and hooks.
  • Clock with arrows.
  • Switches, sockets and plugs.
  • Labyrinths and mosaics.
  • Magnetic elements.

On some models, you can even find letters, numbers and other original items, up to telephone sets.


On some modern business boards, light bulbs, bells and other light and sound elements are installed that require electricity to operate. Such models are more functional, as they allow you to safely acquaint the child with the principle of operation of sockets and switches, however, the quality of such toys should be approached with special care and attention.

How to choose a business board

The algorithm for choosing a good product is always the same, no matter what it is. It is necessary to define a kind of “checklist” with important characteristics and check each model for compliance with it. In this section, I will tell you what to look for.


When choosing any toy for a small child, safety comes first. Ideally, the business board should be made of wood. It is also allowed to use high-quality, sufficiently thick MDF or chipboard that has the appropriate certificates. Plastic bases are unreliable and break easily and should be avoided.

When making a business board, only safe water-based paints and varnishes should be used. It should not exude unpleasant odors. All edges and surfaces must be smooth, without burrs and roughness, so that the child does not drive a splinter. Also make sure that all small parts are screwed on securely so that the baby cannot tear them off and put them in his mouth. Doors and locks should be located so that the little user does not pinch his fingers.

If the board is electrified, be sure to pay attention to how the wires and power source are located. It is important that the baby himself cannot get to the batteries, because if he swallows them, he cannot do without calling an ambulance. All electrification elements must be securely hidden from the baby. It’s good if the model is powered by large batteries and not by “crowns” – this significantly reduces the risks.

Any business board or business box must be stable, especially if it is made of wood. It is advisable to securely fasten ordinary and figured boards to the wall in order to avoid injury. Bodyboards in Russia are not subject to mandatory certification, but if the manufacturer has the relevant documents, this is a good reason to stop at his products.

Filling the business board

Developing elements on the surface of the business board should be evenly spaced. The presence of unnecessarily cluttered and empty areas is a bad sign, because it will be difficult for the child to navigate.

It is important to remember that all developmental elements should not only be present on the board, but also contribute to the formation in the child of a certain understanding of the functions of objects. It is very good if, when the switch is pressed, the light will light up, and the locks and latches will hold the doors, behind which an interesting picture will await the child. The main disadvantage of homemade bodyboards is precisely that this principle is not respected in them, which is why the toy does not bring the benefit that is expected from it. In addition, homemade designs are often not colorful enough. If you do not have the time or skills to create a good business board, it is better to purchase a high-quality factory model.

Another important principle is matching the complexity of the toy to the age of the child. The older he is, the more difficult tasks he can solve. Do not forget that after 3 years the use of a business board decreases markedly, since another type of main activity begins to prevail in a child – a role-playing game.

External design

Like any other toy, a business board should be attractive in appearance. To do this, manufacturers make the elements bright and contrasting, add funny drawings and patterns. Well, if the model is not just decorated, but made in a single thematic style. Another good solution is to use doors and windows behind which funny little animals or other pictures are hidden – their search will be an additional incentive for the development of children’s curiosity.

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