Rating of the best snow scooters


Every child loves snow activities in winter. For this, special snow scooters are perfect, which have replaced sleds, ice carts, cartons. They are suitable for children of all ages. They have the same purpose as the sled, but differ in design. Snow scooters are equipped with skis, a brake, a steering wheel, the ability to turn around and stop. Improved handling reduces the risk of injury and increases the enjoyment of riding. A huge number of different snow scooters are now on sale for customers to choose from, which greatly complicates the choice.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a model:

  • frame material. Products made of metal have increased strength, can withstand heavy weight and will last much longer.
  • Depreciation. Usually made in the form of a spring, it provides a more comfortable movement, softening the landing on bumps.
  • Brake. The presence of this function provides forced braking of the snowmobile.
  • Rotation angle limiter. Promotes safer driving.
  • Safety belt. It will fix the position of the child in the seat.
  • weight load. If a snow scooter can withstand a load of 60 kg or more, this means that several children can ride it at the same time or a child together with an adult.
  • Stop system ski-stop (ski-stop). It forcibly stops the snowmobile when control is lost.
  • The softness of the seat and the ability to adjust the fit. You can also pay attention to this.

The best snow scooters for children from 1 to 3 years old

DEMI SNK.02 Comfort

DEMI SNK.02 Comfort

A very solid and reliable snow scooter with an elongated seat, which can be used for two children to ride at the same time. The frame is made of metal, three skis are made of durable plastic. A clever cushioning system prevents hard bumps during jumps, the ability to brake allows you to quickly stop if there is an obstacle ahead, and a soft seat adds comfort. To move the child just down the street, a tow rope is provided. And for the safety of independent skating of the child, the limiter of the angle of rotation.

The maximum allowable load on the snow scooter is about 60 kg. This has both pros and cons – two children can ride at the same time, but for a baby and an adult, the product is rather weak. Nevertheless, the reviews about the model are excellent – users like the elongated, fairly comfortable seat and the low cost of the model.

Bars 124 Comfort Baby Friends

Bars 124 Comfort Baby Friends

A bright, comfortable snow scooter with a soft seat and back is designed for one child, but can withstand loads up to 100 kg. According to the manufacturer, it can also be used for adults, but in appearance and design it is a typical children’s model, perfect for the smallest children aged 1-2 years. The frame is made of metal, three skis are made of durable wear-resistant plastic. The upholstered seat and backrest, covered with fabric, provide a stable and comfortable position for the child while riding. The backrest folds down if needed.

The model is equipped with a car-type steering wheel, with which you can change the direction of movement when rolling down the hill. It also has a brake to stop in the event of an obstacle on the way. The depreciation is very high quality – it softens the jumps over bumps. Among the advantages of the model, users in the reviews call a low seat suitable for young children, a comfortable design, relatively light weight and moderate cost. No flaws were found in the model.

Small Rider TRIO

Small Rider TRIO

An excellent model for children about 2-3 years old, made like a tricycle. The snowmobile is suitable only for a small child, since the maximum allowable load should not exceed 30 kg. The design provides for a soft adjustable seat, a bicycle-type steering wheel with the ability to change the direction of movement and a limiter for the angle of rotation. Three twin-type skis provide a stable position for the snowmobile. The seat can be adjusted in height, adjusting it to the height of the child.

From the advantages of the model, users highlight a light (2.6 kg), but at the same time, a fairly durable design based on a metal frame. They like the ability to adjust, the bike handlebar, which is comfortable for the child to hold on to. Among the shortcomings indicate a rather high cost and only one place – this snow scooter is not suitable for families with two small children.

Best snow scooters for kids aged 3 to 5

Nika Snowpatrol

Nika Snowpatrol

Excellent children’s model, made in the style of a motorcycle, designed for a child of 4-5 years. For convenience, it combines two types of skis – carving and twin-type. The snow scooter is made soundly – a metal frame, high-quality, durable plastic. There are many useful little things. For example, a folding backrest instantly turns a single model into a two-seater snow scooter – an adult can ride with a child. There is a tow rope that folds automatically, seat belts. The soft seat and cushioning system noticeably soften the blows when hitting bumps.

This is a fairly popular snow scooter model, about which users leave mostly positive reviews. Many point to a comfortable steering wheel, backrest, soft seat, seat belts, and relatively light weight. Some consider the disadvantages to be the low position of the steering wheel, the difficulty of assembly (if the snow scooter was purchased disassembled), and not quite accurate instructions.

SWEET BABY Snow Rider 2

SWEET BABY Snow Rider 2

A comfortable snow scooter with an automobile-type steering wheel, three skis and a soft seat. This ensures a stable position and comfort while riding. Despite the metal frame, the model is lightweight – 6 kg. The strength of the structure is due to the admissibility of high loads up to 100 kg. This allows two children 4-5 years old to ride at the same time. While riding downhill, the child himself can control the snow scooter – change the direction of movement, slow down if necessary. Comfort adds a good depreciation system.

Parents who bought this snow scooter for their children are completely satisfied with a profitable purchase. They like the low cost – a little more expensive than ordinary sleds. Also in the reviews, they note the compact size and light weight, the ease of movement of the snow scooter in the snow, the quality factor of the product, the ability to ride for adults if desired. Negative reviews about the model could not be found.

Gismo Riders Stratos

Gismo Riders Stratos snow scooter

A universal snow scooter, which is equally convenient for children and adults, as it has a simple but comfortable design and can withstand heavy loads up to 120 kg. Completely made of durable plastic, it is lightweight – less than 4 kg. On a snow scooter, 2 children or one adult can easily fit. The features of the model include a steering wheel limiter, automatic cable reeling, and an automobile-type steering wheel. The streamlined design and two skis provide optimal glide and fast movement.

Judging by the reviews, users like the low seating position, stylish appearance, and a quick set of speeds in this model. They also note a small weight – it is easy to drag a snow scooter back up the hill, a stable position. But there are several disadvantages – plastic runners wear out quickly when in contact with sand or melted ice. Some complain that the steering wheel does not hold securely, flies out. This problem can be easily fixed by slightly adjusting the latch.

The best snow scooters for kids ages 5 to 9

Snow Moto SnowRunner SR1

Snow Moto SnowRunner SR1

A single bicycle-type snow scooter can withstand light loads up to 50 kg, so it can only be used by children. This can be considered the only drawback of the model. Otherwise, the characteristics are excellent – there is depreciation, the possibility of braking, a tow cable, three twin-type skis. Thanks to the metal frame, the product is quite strong and durable – it lasts more than one year. Complaints from users about breakdowns could not be found.

But many point to the convenience of the model due to depreciation and a soft bicycle seat, the lightness of the product – it is effortlessly lifted by a six-year-old child. Older children like good maneuverability, a fairly high steering wheel, which is convenient to set the direction of movement. Parents really like the design of the snow scooter and its low cost.

STIGA Snowracer Specials King Size GT

STIGA Snowracer Specials King Size GT snow scooter

Due to the large elongated seat and good load capacity up to 100 kg, three children or a child and an adult can fit on the snow scooter at once. For better glide and maneuverability, the manufacturer used two types of skis at once – carving and twin-type. For safety, the model is equipped with a stop system – a special spring mechanism that stops the movement of the snowmobile in case of loss of control. The steering wheel is made in the form of a car, with its help it is easy to change the direction of movement. Other additional features include the presence of high-quality shock absorbers, a towing cable with automatic reeling, and the possibility of self-braking.

Reviews about the model are contradictory – some are completely satisfied with the snow scooter, others consider it to be of poor quality. Buyers consider the advantages of spaciousness, large carrying capacity, ease of operation, light weight with solid dimensions, stylish and serious appearance, steering comfort, and stability. The disadvantages include unreasonably high cost, hard seat. Some complain about breakdowns soon after the start of operation.

Nika Snowdrive

Nika Snowdrive snow scooter

Users consider this snow scooter one of the most successful and inexpensive models. Lightweight, comfortable, with a soft seat and simple controls, it is suitable not only for children, but also for adults due to the high load capacity of up to 100 kg. It is convenient to hold on to the bicycle handlebar, additional comfort is provided by the shock absorption system, the possibility of turning and braking, automatic winding of the towing cable. The design is very durable – the frame is made of metal, skis and other elements of the snow scooter are made of solid thick plastic.

In this model, users like everything – from attractive design to thoughtful design and low cost. They share great experiences on downhill skiing, speed gains and stability. Negative reviews and information about quick breakdowns can not be found.

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