Rating of the best home planetariums


Since ancient times, people of all ages have been attracted to the sky, stars and space. Everyone dreamed of seeing this unforgettable spectacle at home, and with the development of modern technology, this has become a reality.

The key advantage of modern home planetariums is functionality. They not only project the image of the starry sky, but also play music, show movies and even the exact time.

TOP of the best home planetariums

Segatoys Homestar Classic

Segatoys Homestar Classic planetarium

A distinctive feature of this device is a special lens system, with the help of which the planetarium projects more than 60 thousand stars, filling the room with a mysterious radiance. The model includes a pair of basic disks (“Starry Sky” and “Constellation”), and also provides one disk to choose from: “Planet Earth”, “Solar System”, “Northern Lights”, “View from the Moon”, etc.

The rotation of the sky is possible clockwise and counterclockwise. In addition, there is a fixed broadcast mode. With the “Timer” option, the projector will automatically turn off after a set time, which is incredibly convenient. A special magic is given by the “Starfall” function, which implies that shooting stars will periodically slip through.

Star Theater Pro Uncle Milton

Star Theater Pro Uncle Milton planetarium

Turn an ordinary ceiling into a dome of sparkling stars with the help of the Star Theater Pro Uncle Milton planetarium. Its key advantage is a bright LED with a cool white color. It provides a very clear image projection on any surface. An improved lens system will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the starry sky without glare and haze. The kit for the device includes a power cable, three disks and a detailed Russian-language instruction.

Together with the Star Theater Pro Uncle Milton planetarium, the projection can be not only static, but also mobile. The best choice for those who like to watch the night sky. This planetarium simultaneously projects up to 1.2 million stars! It is located on a stable stand that can be rotated in any direction. Pros: adjustable focus, indicator lights and attractive futuristic design.

Levenhuk LabZZ SP10

Levenhuk LabZZ SP10 planetarium

The compact projector allows anyone who wants to get basic knowledge about our universe. The model, according to customer reviews, is one of the most realistic. It is she who allows not only to see the location of the stars, but also to follow the trajectory of their movement.

The device can be used both for studying astronomy and for a good rest. The projection can tilt vertically and horizontally. A large number of astronomical objects, including constellations.

Eastcolight AstroEye

Eastcolight AstroEye Planetarium

Eastcolight home planetarium is a device that projects the starry sky onto a smooth surface with a 3D effect. The device will be an excellent acquisition in a house where there are children. The projector can seriously captivate a child with astronomy – the sky seems so realistic – voluminous and endless. The model looks so attractive in the eyes of buyers due to the outstanding characteristics of the device – 8 thousand stars, built-in radio, sky movement functions, falling stars and comets, a timer.

A feature of the projector, noticed in the reviews, is multimedia speakers that allow you to connect various gadgets to the device and listen to music, or turn on your favorite radio station. For children who are used to falling asleep to fairy tales and songs, this is a great alternative.

SEGA HomeStar R2-D2 EX

SEGA HomeStar R2-D2 EX planetarium

The most valuable gift for geeks is a unique planetarium in the shape of the R2-D2 droid from the Star Wars universe. He not only looks amazing, but also knows how to talk, like a prototype from the saga. The main projector shows 60,000 stars, and the side projector shows five heroes of the space opera. And that’s not all: the set includes 4 projections of the legendary starships: the Death Star, the Millennium Falcon, the Imperial Destroyer and the X-Wing.

Powerful light source – LED Multi-color LED – projects a color and three-dimensional image on a flat surface. To obtain a circle diameter of 2.7 m, it is necessary to ensure the distance from the device to the improvised screen at least 2 meters. The reviews note that this is not an ordinary night light with improvements, it is an example of excellent futuristic design.

BONDIBON Young Prodigy

BONDIBON Young Prodigy Planetarium

The reviews note that unlike more expensive devices, this home planetarium is a great gift for children who are fond of science and love to assemble devices on their own. Thus, a journey through the galaxy is preceded by studying the structure of a home planetarium, and upon completion of its assembly, the child can already enjoy the effect of a real reality created by his own hands, which is doubly pleasant!

This scientific and educational set contains detailed instructions and a scheme for constructing an apparatus that broadcasts an image of the starry sky, and also includes interesting facts about space – what is weightlessness, why orbital space stations are needed, what the human body feels during overloads, what are the features of spacewalks and many others. A home planetarium will help develop your horizons and encourage further study of astronomy. As for the quality of the device, users note that for a low cost it is quite justified, however, it is far from ideal – a flimsy design, the need to periodically glue parts. At the same time, despite the obvious drawback, buyers continue to unequivocally recommend the product for purchase.

Sitetek Media

Sititek Media Planetarium

With a built-in FM tuner and powerful stereo speakers, this model is perfect for relaxing to music. Optics are sensitive to different distances, the image is clear on the ceiling, wall and any protruding objects. The difference of the planetarium is in the rotary wheel with date and time stamps. You need to choose one of 365 days a year, specify the desired part of the night from 20:00 to 02:00 – and you can admire the reliable position of celestial bodies.

The owners say that this is not just a toy for children, but a full-fledged home astronomy center. I am glad that Russian localization has appeared (packaging, instructions, the signature of the constellations in Russian), there is an automatic shutdown function and 5 rotation speeds. The set includes discs with the sky of the Northern Hemisphere, a book about the signs of the Zodiac and a poster with the zodiac constellations. You can power the device from the mains or using 3 AA batteries – a great option for family leisure in case of a power outage.

Playing Together TXSC-005-R

Let’s play together TXSC-005-R planetarium

This set is sure to interest every young scientist. With it, you can turn the walls and ceiling of the room into a starry sky. Thanks to the device, a small astronomer will study the changes in the position of the stars depending on the time of day and year. To do this, you just need to rotate the disk with the constellations.

Bresser Junior Deluxe

Bresser Junior Deluxe Planetarium

Colourfulness, brightness and realism are the main features of the Bresser Junior Delux home planetarium. It is capable of projecting 8,600 stars and 61 constellations, while simulating the daily rotation of the celestial sphere. Even greater realism is provided by the shooting stars function, which is launched along with the main program. The device projects constellation lines, making them quick to find and easy to remember.

The Bresser Junior Delux planetarium can be mounted on any smooth surface. It is easy to maintain, runs on three AA batteries and has an automatic sleep timer. An excellent choice for travel as it is capable of projecting images even onto a tent awning from the inside. Pros: traditional German quality, environmental friendliness and 100% safety for the child. Cons: poorly detailed image, due to which some stars merge.

Space National Geographic

Space National Geographic Planetarium

Home viewing of photos of the US National Geographic Society will give a child and an adult an unforgettable experience. The tape contains 20 slides depicting the inhabitants of the underwater kingdom, and the second set is made on a space theme and includes two dozen pictures with comets, planets, galaxies. The main difference of the set is that the demonstration is complemented by a brochure with illustrations. It was developed based on National Geographic research, so the projector is often used as a teaching tool.

Reviews confirm the high quality of the British product and ease of management. The low cost is due to the fact that this is not quite a planetarium in the usual sense of the word, but more of a filmstrip. However, the brightness and clarity of the picture is excellent. If you ensure complete darkness in the room, the demonstration causes only pleasant emotions in the owners. The expressive design of the product in the form of a bathyscaphe will complement well the interior of the nursery.

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