Rating of formulas for supplementary feeding of children from 6 months


When choosing dry milk formula, it is necessary to focus on the age of the child. The composition of each product is developed taking into account the needs at a certain stage of development. Adapted nutrition is available in five age categories, such as toddlers 0 to 6 (initial formula or category 1) and 6 to 12 months (post-formula or category 2).

Our rating of the TOP 5 supplementary formulas of category “2” included the most famous and sought-after brands of baby food. We will take a closer look at their features, go through the main components in the composition and tell you what to look for before buying in the store.

Rating of formulas for supplementary feeding of children from 6 months

“Kabrita 2 GOLD”

Dry adapted goat milk formula for children from 6 months. Suitable for feeding healthy babies, as well as babies with functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract (constipation, colic, regurgitation), therapeutic mixtures that do not require nutrition. The specially developed DigestX lipid complex with a high content of beta palmitate contributes to good calcium absorption, comfortable energy metabolism and improvement of the digestive tract. The complex is maximally comparable in composition with the profile of mother’s milk. Probiotics in the composition help digestion, and prebiotics and nucleotides strengthen the immune system. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids improve brain development and visual function.

The ratio of casein and whey protein is 40% to 60%, which also maximally corresponds to the proportions of female breast milk. When ready, it has a mild creamy taste. Expiration date: 24 months at observance of norms of storage.

Milk type goat
Active Ingredients Digest X complex, bifidobacteria, prebiotics, probiotics, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, goat milk and whey
Not included artificial flavors, sugar, palm oil, preservatives, artificial colors
Brand country Netherlands
  • healthy goat’s milk, which is perfectly digested and quickly absorbed;
  • the DigestX fat complex mimics the profile of breast milk;
  • prebiotics;
  • probiotics Bifidibacterium BB-12;
  • fatty omega-3 and omega-6 acids;
  • own farm production;
  • premium composition;
  • pleasant smell and taste;
  • helps to improve bowel function;
  • without palm oil.

“Kabrita” was perfect for my daughter who is allergic to cow protein, before that rashes were regular on all other milk formulas, both expensive and cheap. Very tasty, the child eats with pleasure. The mixture really works: the daughter began to wake up less often at night, we do not suffer from colic and constipation.

“NAN (Nestlé) 2 Optipro”

Milk formula for feeding healthy children from the age of six months. Contains optimized Optipro protein complex with nutrients to stimulate baby’s physical and mental development. Bifidobacterium BL contributes to maintaining a healthy intestinal microflora and strengthening the immune system. Also in the composition of polyunsaturated acids DHA and ARA for the brain and vision of the child.

The ratio of casein and whey: 50/50%. Shelf life of the milk mixture: 730 days. The contents of the jar must be consumed no later than 3 months after opening.

Milk type cow
Active Ingredients bifidobacteria, probiotics
Not included salt, artificial flavors, sugar, palm oil, preservatives, starch, artificial colors
Brand country Switzerland
  • good solubility without lumps;
  • affordable price;
  • useful composition;
  • saturates well;
  • without palm oil.
  • mediocre packaging: crumpled cans.

The mixture suited us very well, the child eats with pleasure from the very first days of complementary foods. It did not cause allergies, colic disappeared. I only have complaints about the packaging: we order with delivery, the jars regularly arrive deformed, with serious dents, the baby food manufacturer needs to think about better packaging.

Nutrilon (Nutricia) 2 Premium

Adapted dry formula for feeding babies from 6 months in an easy-pack with a measuring spoon holder. Contains a unique complex of Pronutri + with prebiotics, which helps to improve the intestinal microflora and maintain children’s immunity. Polyunsaturated fatty acids stimulate the normal development of the child’s intelligence. The vitamin-mineral complex promotes proper growth.

It has a low osmolality, which allows not to overload the work of the baby’s excretory system. The ratio of whey proteins and casein: 50/50%. Shelf life: 545 days.

Milk type cow
Active Ingredients prebiotics
Not included salt, artificial flavors, sugar, preservatives, starch, soy, artificial colors, eggs
Brand country Ireland
  • convenient packaging;
  • price-quality ratio;
  • eliminates constipation;
  • dissolves without lumps.
  • specific taste and smell of fish oil.

A good mixture, did not cause allergies, the child’s stool returned to normal. High-quality and attractive packaging with measuring spoon and valve. The composition contains fish oil, because of this the smell is not very pleasant and not all children will like it. This component is good for the eyes, so if the baby does not refuse to eat, then it’s okay.

The presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids among the components of the mixture is very important! Their presence is provided by vegetable oils in the composition. Lack of linoleic (Omega-6) and linolenic (Omega-3) acids in the baby’s body can lead to developmental delays and the formation of a weak immune system.

“MAMAKO 2 Premium”

Powdered formula based on goat’s milk for subsequent feeding of children from 6 to 12 months. Contains IQ-complex with fatty acids and lutein for the proper development of the brain and vision of the baby. In terms of amino acid and fat composition, it is close to breast milk and is well absorbed by the child’s body. Contains probiotics and prebiotics to support immunity and digestion. L-carnitine helps to improve metabolism and improves the digestibility of the protein components of the mixture. The vitamin-mineral complex provides the prevention of rickets, and also compensates for the deficiency of iron and iodine.

Whey protein and casein content: 50 to 50%. The shelf life is 24 months.

Milk type goat
Active Ingredients bifidobacteria, prebiotics, probiotics, goat milk
Not included salt, artificial flavors, sugar, palm oil, preservatives, starch, soy, gluten, artificial colors, eggs
Brand country Spain
  • hypoallergenic mixture;
  • soft and stable stool;
  • balanced composition;
  • pleasant taste and aroma.
  • expensive and rare presence in offline sales.

We switched to this mixture after the first stage of “Mamako 1”, the child’s body adapted immediately. There is no characteristic smell of a goat, the baby eats it on both cheeks. Pleases with a composition rich in useful substances, without rapeseed and palm oil. It is not so easy to find in stores, you have to order via the Internet.

“Similac (Abbott) Gold 2”

Subsequent adapted formula for supplementary feeding of children from 6 months. Contains 2′-FL breast milk oligosaccharides, which strengthen the baby’s immunity and ensure the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines. Bifidobacteria are responsible for maintaining a healthy microflora. FOS prebiotics stimulate the digestive tract and promote soft and regular stools. Nucleotides ensure the strengthening of all body cells.

Proportions of casein and whey protein: 50 to 50%. Shelf life of the mixture: 24 months. The finished mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

Milk type cow
Active Ingredients bifidobacteria, prebiotics
Not included salt, artificial flavors, palm oil, preservatives, starch, gluten, artificial colors, eggs
Brand country Denmark
  • improves digestion;
  • well tolerated;
  • pleasant creamy taste;
  • easily bred.
  • there is no attachment for the measuring spoon.

We have been feeding our baby with this mixture for a long time, it suits us very well. I really like the composition, especially the presence of oligosaccharides, which are as close as possible to breast milk in terms of properties. It does not cause allergies and constipation, we go to the toilet like clockwork. The manufacturer did not provide a mount for a spoon, you have to dig it out in a jar with a mixture this is a minus.

Lists of the best

I analyzed the features of the most popular brands of baby food. All these specimens are of foreign origin and have a good reputation in the world market. The next three samples are most pleased with their composition and characteristics, they are recommended by parents of babies aged from 6 months to one year.

“Kabrita 2 GOLD” is a mixture based on goat milk with DigestX fat complex for comfortable digestion

Perhaps the best solution for babies with allergies and lactose intolerance. Goat’s milk in its composition is as close as possible to breast milk, it is better absorbed and digested by the child’s body than cow’s. Kabrita contains 60% whey and 40% casein, which is an almost ideal ratio for comfortable digestion and digestibility of protein components without burdening organs. The DigestX complex has a high content of beta palmitate for a healthy microbiota, getting rid of intestinal colic and strengthening the skeletal system. Separately, it is worth noting the manufacturer’s serious approach to the production of baby food: from breeding a special breed of goats with a special diet to multi-stage milk quality control. Each jar of Kabrita has a unique code that contains information about the origin of a particular product (farm name and milk batch number).

“NAN (Nestlé) 2 Optipro” – value for money

Affordable powdered milk formula from a world-famous manufacturer, which is in great demand among Russian consumers. The product can be found not only in children’s specialized stores, but also in supermarkets. The main advantages are good tolerability, excellent organoleptic properties, balanced composition and solubility without lumps. Parents of babies note an improvement in the digestion of their children, complaints most often relate to the quality of the packaging, which often does not withstand transportation and comes with mint – the manufacturer should think about modernizing the packaging.

“Similac (Abbott) Gold 2” – contains a prebiotic as in breast milk

Another affordable supplement formula based on cow’s milk stands out for the presence of oligosaccharides. This unique component is found exclusively in breast milk and has properties valuable for the health of the baby: it stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms, eliminates intestinal colic and strengthens the immune system. Also, the product has proven itself well in terms of tolerance and taste characteristics.

How to choose the right dry infant formula

Before transferring your baby to a new adapted supplemental formula, you should consult with your pediatrician. An uncontrolled and abrupt change in nutrition can have certain risks, because each product is developed taking into account the individual characteristics of the child’s body. The following recommendations will help parents not to make a mistake when choosing a mixture on their own, however, experts still insist on coordinating their choice with a pediatrician.

  • The formula for complementary foods must be appropriate for the age of the child. In each period of development, the body needs certain components for the proper formation of the body – its organs and systemic functions. Formula for children from 6 months to a year is indicated by the number “2”.
  • If an intolerance to cow protein is confirmed in a child or allergic diseases have been identified in the family history, it is recommended to introduce a mixture of goat milk into the baby’s diet.
  • It is necessary to study the composition of baby food. The list of ingredients should be free of sugar, preservatives, starch flavors and colorants. It is good if probiotics and prebiotics, polyunsaturated acids, taurine for vision, nucleotides for the brain are present at the same time.
  • Osmolarity is a measure of salts and proteins per liter of dry product. The osmolarity level of infant formula should not exceed 320 mOsm/L. higher values ​​of this indicator create an undesirable burden on the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract and are difficult to tolerate by the child’s body.
  • It is recommended to pay attention to the ratio of casein and whey proteins in the composition of the dry mix. Breast milk in the mature stage has the following indicators: 60% whey for 40% casein – and this is the optimal balance for better absorption by the child’s body under the age of 12 months.

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