Prefabricated sets for the 90th anniversary of “Lego”

Anniversary birthday of the legendary company Lego, as almost no other significant event could do without an offer to purchase sets released with a special mark “90 years of the game”. It should be recalled that the most notable of them were the re-release of the old designers, chosen by fans of prefabricated toys.

In total, sets of five items were produced by the anniversary date, if bonus sets are included in this list. Of great interest was a set of multi-colored cubes 11021 LEGO Classic 90 Years of Playdedicated to the history of prefabricated children’s toys. It allows you to collect just 15 different mini-models of the iconic Lego toys of yesteryear.

Among them:

  • “Secret of the Sphinx” 1998,

  • LEGO BIONICLE “Tahu” 2001,

  • LEGO NINJAGO Golden Dragon 2013 and so on.

Also in the set there is a lot of additional building material for creating your own “brick” projects.

But with the gaming capabilities that anniversary designers provide 10305 LEGO ICONS Lion Knights Castle and 10497 LEGO ICONS Space Exploration Ship adult construction fans have yet to check it out. The fact is that they have just begun to appear on store shelves.

Among the bonus sets were 40567 LEGO Forest Refuge 30510 LEGO Classic 90 Years of Cars. Such kits were given to customers for purchases of designers for a certain amount.

Talking about anniversary sets, one cannot fail to mention one more gift set, which somewhat overshadowed the festive mood among most European Lego fans. Ask how this “free cheese” can upset the buyer? But on August 10, only buyers of kits living in the USA could become the owners of a bonus constructor with a model of a small yellow knight’s castle with the coveted mark on the knight’s shield “90 years of the game” on August 10th. Why it was necessary to do this is completely incomprehensible.

Such a selective approach did not go unnoticed and, naturally, the injustice caused a lot of criticism from the Europeans. In general, the anniversary celebration of the Danish company was not without a fly in the ointment.

What pleased and upset the jubilee Lego constructors?

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