Prefabricated Houses for Halloween Decor


On Sunday, October 31, many countries in Europe and America will celebrate another international halloween holiday, dating back to the traditions of the ancient Irish and Scottish Celts. Everyone is preparing for this event, including construction fans. Thus, the Lego designer Thomas Gion, together with his partner, created models of two toy houses for this day, which correspond to the best Halloween traditions in terms of content.

A terrible secret emanates from these buildings, because it is already clear from the appearance of the buildings that something mystical is hidden inside. It’s time to start an investigation to figure out what is the cause of the terrible events taking place in the same house on the hill.

It appears to be haunted by ghosts. But it becomes eerie not after meeting with them, but even earlier, when you find yourself in the courtyard in front of the entrance to the house. And all the reason for the tombstones sticking out of the ground – already from this alone a chill runs down the back. The crooked tree that spreads its branches at the entrance to the house does not inspire much confidence – it seems that it is able to grab anyone who dares to cross the threshold of a strange dwelling. Well, when 3 bats fly out of the house, the desire to find out the truth disappears by itself.

Prefabricated houses that will decorate the Halloween holiday

In that case, maybe we can look into the second country house? It looks much nicer than the gray and creepy house on the hill. Not even a giant spider crawling on a tree, ghosts that dance by the window, a traditional pumpkin lantern are not afraid. All this is perceived as a decorative decoration of the yard for Halloween by the good-natured owners of the house. But sweets in a bowl – this is something not quite ordinary. So it is: it was worth taking a little sweet treat, as a man in a werewolf mask jumped out of the house. In general, this house is not as simple as it seemed at first. It is crammed with various technical traps. So its owners cannot be trusted.

So, with the help of two toy houses, you can play out a fascinating story in halloween day.


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