PCR DNA analysis for each with the Open qPCR machine

Not so long ago, I came across a very interesting development called Open qPCR for DNA analysis, one might say at home. Here I want to write what you can do with the Open qPCR cycler.

Features of the Open qPCR cycler

The device appeared and received support on a crowdfunding service Kickstarter here. It can now be ordered from chaibio.com. The main idea pursued by the developers of this solution is to make technologies DNA analysis available to everyone, including physicians in developing countries, students in high school and university laboratories, food companies, and researchers of all kinds.

Open qPCR

You can find a lot of devices of this kind on sale, but this one is special. For $1,899 or $2,599 you get, in addition to the instrument itself, software that interprets the data and presents the results as clear positives and negatives to end users (see picture). The first price is for a single-range instrument, and the second for a dual-range instrument. Both instrument versions work with fluorophores such as FAM, in the range of 510-545 nm. The second version of the device can additionally detect HEX/VIC/JOE fluorophores in the range of 560-610 nm.

Open qPCR web user interface

Inside Open qPCR the built-in web server works, and you will control the device directly from your browser by connecting via ethernet or WiFi. Simple and clear user interface created using technology HTML5. USB connection is also supported when there is no network.

What can you do with Open qPCR

Genotyping: defining your opportunities in sportsgenetic hereditary propertiessuch as mutations in the BRCA gene associated with breast cancer animal breeding based on desired genotypes.

Food Safety: identification coli, listeria or salmonella in food, monitoring water quality by detecting pathogens and indicator organisms, detecting horse meat in a hamburger or dolphin meat in tuna.

Research: level analysis gene expression in cages, getting immediate feedback on performance PCR without the need for a gel biological systems design by processing and rearranging DNA.

Health: Detection of viruses such as HIV and fever ebolachecking insects that carry diseases such as malaria or West Nile virus.

Characteristics of Open qPCR

amplifier Open qPCR contains 16 wells for 100 or 200 µl tubes. Thermal block ramp 0 – 100 °C, 5 °C/sec, which allows many PCR procedures will be completed in 30 minutes.

Cells for Open qPCR tubes

The 800×400 touch screen allows you to easily control the instrument, in addition to browser control via USB, ethernet or WiFi. The device works with a built-in microcomputer Beaglebone Black with 1 GHz processor and 4GB Flash running OS linux.

Open qPCR compatible with worldwide power systems (110-240 volts, 47-63 Hz) and meets all requirements CE and FCC. In normal operation, the instrument consumes 250 W, and in a special low power mode, DNA analysis can be performed using as little as 45 W, allowing the use of solar panels or batteries for field work.

In conclusion about the Open qPCR cycler

device Open qPCR may indeed be of interest to those who DNA analysis for scientific or educational purposes. The pre-order of the device is now available on the manufacturer’s website. With each device you will receive a starter kit of reagents, with which you can perform 50 studies. You can use third party reagents later.

And to everyone who is interested in the device Open qPCRperhaps another even cheaper (only $ 599) amplifier from the same Californian creators will be of interest – OpenPCRwhich you can read about here.

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