Participants from Russia in the international competition LEGO IDEAS


Earlier we reported that in the international competition LEGO IDEAS Lego fans from Russia also participated. However, they did not qualify. Despite this, the authors of the projects decided to join the new struggle for the recognition of their ideas. Two projects: “Baba Yaga” and “Soyuz-2 launch vehicle” have already received the required number of votes for inclusion in the review of Lego ideas.

The fact that the project with the Slavic fairy-tale character Baba Yaga again got into the review of Lego ideas, in general, is not some kind of sensation. Because this is Artem Bizyaev’s second attempt at success from a 32-year-old comic book artist from Russia. When he put this project to the general vote for the first time, he set a kind of record: the 10,000 votes necessary to pass to the next stage were collected in just 22 hours. By the way, it was this that played a negative role in many respects, as it aroused suspicions among the jury members of vote rigging. As a result, they gave the project a challenge.

4 days after the project was rejected, the author of the idea again put his work on display. It took 44 days to overcome the cherished milestone in the second run.

Almost nothing has changed in the Russian project. The package includes 2 miniature figures – Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Beautiful, as well as a cat figurine. The house on chicken legs, familiar to many Russians since childhood, remains the main model.

The second project with a model of the Russian launch vehicle “Soyuz” also participated in the last competition. It was designed by Alejandro De la Fuente Shevalov, who lives in Spain. This great idea did not pass the vote on the eve of the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space, so the author decided on a second attempt at the end of the anniversary year. As a result, he won the necessary 10,000 votes.


Western bloggers do not hide their joy. At the beginning of 2022, the designers of the Danish company will consider the project of the toy Soyuz. There is a high probability that the project will finally be embodied in a real model from the Lego constructor. This will allow collectors to put the new exhibit on a par with models dedicated to NASA spacecraft.

The Soyuz model is made an exact copy of its real prototype. In addition, it will have 3 separating stages and a space capsule, which is launched into near-Earth orbit. The height of the entire structure is expected to be 75 cm.


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