Painting with tiger made of Lego blocks


From building “bricks” “Lego” you can create just amazing things. You are convinced of this once again when you see such an amazing picture of cubes“painted with a brush” by construction fan Tobias Münzert (blog link:[email protected]/). Note that he is fond of not only artistic creativity, but also creates exclusive models, including cars.

One glance at this 3D painting is enough to conclude that it is akin to a real painting created by the brush of famous artists. This is even indicated by the presence in the overall composition of the combined model of a palette with paints and artistic brushes.

So, a majestic white tiger is depicted on a plastic canvas. This predator in China is considered a symbol of strength, beauty and greatness, and also a sign of the Zodiac calendar. The author of this artistic sketch from Lego blocks was able to perfectly convey most of the above qualities of a striped beast. Moreover, the tiger descending from the mountains turned out to be multidimensional, thanks to which it looks as if alive – it seems that it is about to jump out of the canvas. The reflection of the mountain background with bright colors of the flora gives a special realism to the 3D picture.


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