Original Lego minifigures will delight collectors


Good news for collectors, and not only. In January, judging by the reports of Western bloggers, toy stores will receive collectible sets with original minifigures LEGO 22 series under the article 71032. Recall that the last time such kits with creative and colorful characters, as well as details and prints, were produced by a Danish company in January 2021.

True, then there were 2 more issues with miniature figures 71030 Looney Tunes and 71031 Marvel Studios, but they were dedicated to the heroes of individual thematic lines that are especially popular.

Information about the new set began to spread after the official pictures of series 22 minifigures were published on the website of the German online store. Their cost is also indicated there – 3.99 euros (332 rubles) for one figurine.

The selection will include:

  • girl with foal
  • figure skater,
  • bard,
  • wheelchair racer,
  • girls dressed as raccoon and chili peppers,
  • ornithologist,
  • acorn boy,
  • ice and moon warriors,
  • space alien and robot.

Like all previous releases that gave collectors amazing images of their favorite characters, the Danish manufacturer will release a novelty in a limited edition. This means that the story with early kits will repeat itself – they will definitely not stay on store shelves for a long time.


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