Opening of the largest Lkgo store in Germany


Subsidiary Lego in Germany in 2021 increased sales of construction sets for children and adults by more than 7%. The German LEGO GmbH announced this in a final press release on the results of the past financial year.

However, is it any wonder that the LEGO Group has been named Best Brand of the Year for the fourth consecutive year in most European countries? Considering the overall economic situation due to the ongoing covid restrictions, this is indeed a very good result.

Against the backdrop of information about the growth in sales, there was also the second news from Germany, dedicated to long-term plans for the near future. At the end of the fourth quarter, the new Lego brand store in Munich will open its doors to construction fans. According to the leaders of the division, it will become the largest not only in this German city, but throughout Germany. So, the flagship store in Berlin will soon lose its “biggest” status and turn into a regular supermarket. Well, in Munich itself, the newest trading enterprise, commentators suggest, will absorb the 2 designer shops that are currently working there.


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