Opening of new LEGOLAND hotel in Dubai


In Dubai, from December 1, the local Legoland theme park reopened its doors to residents of the capital of the United Arab Emirates and guests of the city. The break in work was due to the ongoing pandemic and the restrictions imposed because of it.

And now, after 2 months, this joyful event gets its wonderful continuation: on January 21, the first guests will receive New LEGOLAND Dubai Hotel. The institution was built on the territory of an amusement park, so it promises to be the most convenient point for tourists for a temporary stop in Dubai.

Already one of his visits will turn into a real journey into the fabulous “world of cubes”. Dragons will greet guests at the front entrance of the hotel, and all of the 250 hotel rooms are decorated in the style of popular themed sets. In addition, there is a family restaurant inside, naturally called Bricks. There is also a temperature controlled swimming pool. In general, visitors expect quite a lot of impressions not only from purely visual effects, but also from the fact that there will be something to do in their spare time thanks to the many entertainments for children and adults.

There is no doubt that there will be no end to those who want to book rooms in this hotel, because this is an ideal option in every respect. In particular, guests staying at the hotel receive free access to the Legoland theme park, and can also visit one of the few LEGOLAND water parks in the world.

This is what a

This is what a “pirate” room at the LEGOLAND Dubai hotel looks like.


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