Ogre character from Warhammer video game


To find the answer to the question, what kind of character is this Ogre, completely You don’t have to jump into the game itself. Recently, it is enough to get acquainted with the author’s set of Buttercup the Bard. This construction freak develops his own designs. So recently he published his new work, created on the basis of the popular Warhammer video gameswhich is dedicated to the battles of great warriors and powerful magicians.

The central character of the desktop version is the Ogre, a representative of a race of giant humanoids. A massive figure with a big belly shows us what this ugly and cruel monster looks like. He is captured at the moment of preparing a meal in the “kitchen”. A cauldron of impressive size stands on a fire, snakes want to escape from it, but the “cook” is ready to cover the lid of the cauldron, having driven his prey with a club before that. Near the fire you can see several cages with captive little men. From the numerous bones scattered on the floor of the “kitchen” one can imagine what fate awaits them.

A scary scene from a video game, recreated in plastic cubes, accurately shows the characteristic features of such monsters – they are able to beat with a club to death anyone who meets on their way. In addition, Ogres feed on any living creatures. In these terrible deeds they have no equal.

Agree, built from plastic “bricks” episode with this monster is enough to get a general idea of ​​the video game. At least, it is already becoming clear who the Ogres are.

Ogre character from the video game Warhammer

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