Not all parents appreciated the new LEGO City Missions sets

In the summer selection of sets of the “City” series from “Lego” there are many interesting designers. However, most of all this season will be remembered for three completely unique new products. These are the constructors 60353 LEGO City Wildlife Rescue Missions, 60354 LEGO City Mars Exploration Spacecraft Missions and 60355 LEGO City Water Police Detective Missions.

What is their uniqueness? The fact that these kits introduce an original approach to the process of assembling “brick” models. The developers of the project offer children, instead of building according to paper instructions, to connect to a special LEGO Digital Building Instructions application via a smartphone or tablet using a QR code inside the set box.

As a result, the child gets access to an interactive guide with exciting stories. At the same time, the assembly of models and miniature figures becomes possible only when a certain mission is completed – only 8 missions must be completed until the end of the assembly process. Thus, the construction itself turns into an exciting game. The child has a huge scope for creativity due to the fact that you do not need to strictly follow the instructions.

It would seem that the parents should have accepted the appearance LEGO City Missions as another good opportunity for the creative development of their children. But a lot of moms and dads reacted negatively to the new Lego idea. According to these parents, such sets do not distract, but rather make children spend even more time on gadgets.

Considering that most parents buy construction sets in order to distract their children from smartphones and tablets, then the claim is quite reasonable. Moreover, it is true that the child has to spend several hours to assemble each of the named sets with the fulfillment of all missions.

Some parents weren't thrilled with the new LEGO City Missions sets

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