New Year’s constructor in the ideas of the Lego contest


Although there is a lot of time before the next New Year’s holiday, events are already taking place in the “world of cubes” that may affect the future plans of Lego. The other day, 10 thousand votes of visitors to the site of an open competition LEGO Ideas scored author’s project “The Magical Village of Lepralego across the Bridge”.

In fact, this holiday set becomes the third Christmas building set in the Lego fan idea contest. Before him, the works “Winter Cottage for Santa” and “Polar Express” received support from fans of design.

The project is distinguished by an original concept – the author managed to find a way that will distinguish the New Year’s model from other similar designers. In particular, the village is located on a rather unusual place – on the bridge. Thanks to this, the typical structure has acquired a “fresh breath”. Even despite the fact that, in terms of design, a one-story building is being built almost according to standard schemes.

Magic village Lepralego across the bridge

By itself, this is an amazing find that adorned the model with extraordinary beauty. When assembled, such a winter construction looks very cool!

The toy model resembles a village from the medieval era. It contains one elongated building, which houses the shops and services of the elves.

According to the plot offered in the set, it can be understood that on the eve of the celebrations, Santa Claus decided to visit a hairdresser to tidy up his white beard. Most likely, after “beautifying”, he will go to retail outlets to fill his red bag with sweet gifts.

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