New sets coming for LEGO Galidor Anniversary

In early April, the Lego company announced that it was going to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the theme “Galidor” a new line of designers. Such themed kits were first presented to construction fans in 2002.

A small number of constructors were based on the plot of the television series of the same name. It told about the adventures of the main characters of the film, Nicholas Bluetooth and Allegra Zane, who ended up in the world of Galidor, captured by the villain Gorm.

Updated characters and models in sets LEGO Galidor present that story in today’s interpretation. The desktop version will help you recreate scenes from the once popular movie. According to the information provided by the Danish company, it can be understood that prefabricated kits will be rethought or, so to speak, modernized versions of projects from twenty years ago.

Of course, this makes sense, especially considering that during this time the building of toys from bricks has undergone dramatic changes due to innovation and the development of technology. So models and characters in new products should more realistically reflect on-screen prototypes.

In addition, the revived theme will be the first in the line of designers whose prefabricated toys are assembled from environmentally friendly construction “bricks”. In the production of parts for them, the Danish company used natural materials.

First wave of LEGO Galidor sets to come June 1, 2022, will consist of seven thematic constructors.

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