New Lego Viking Set Coming in June

Rumors about the upcoming release of the designer with a model of the Viking ship began to spread on the net at the end of last year. However, only in April they found almost official confirmation.

Construction fans have discovered the first image of the new set in the catalog of the online toy store KiDS Coolship 31132 LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Viking Ship. It should appear on sale from June 1 this year and will be sold at a price of 119.99 euros.

The kit is quite large in terms of the number of parts – it consists of 1192 building “bricks”. The main models that can be assembled from them will be a copy of an ancient Viking ship and a tall figurine of a mythical sea serpent. Among the playable characters in the set are 4 miniature figures:

  • these are 2 male Vikings in their famous horned helmets on their heads;
  • and 2 women, one of whom draws particular attention with her new double-shape chignon, velvet braid and winged helmet.

Also included is one animal figurine in the form of a brown bull.

The peculiarity of the Viking toy ship is that the sail will not be made of fabric, but of standard LEGO material.

According to experts on the topic, the expected novelty is an elementary analogue of the old constructor 7018 LEGO Vikings Viking Ship Challenges the Midgard Serpent. Such a game set was produced by a Danish manufacturer in 2005. At least if you compare the images of the new and old versions, then a great similarity is easily found.

It is also interesting that if the set 7018 presented at one time the first galley in the “world of cubes”, and 31132 will demonstrate the most functional constructor in the line LEGO Creator 3 in 1.

By the way, it is assumed that:

  • the second model of the game set will be a Viking house with a small dragon and a built-in ox plow;
  • and the third – the figure of the giant wolf Fenrir, which in Scandinavian mythology is considered the child of Loki and the brother of the Midgard snake.

The Vikings will return to the

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