New LEGO set with truck and space carousel

How to go on a space flight in a truck?

Fans of the urban series of constructors Lego there was a chance to become owners of a unique trailer. In the assembly instructions section on the official website of the Danish company, photos of the new kit were found 60313 LEGO City Space Carousel Amusement Truck. The game set consists of 433 “bricks”. The number of miniature figures is not indicated, but the photographs suggest that there will be at least three of them.

Despite the rather modest amount of building material, the gaming location promises to be quite functional. The main structure will be a trailer, on the cargo platform of which a space-themed mobile carousel is installed. After unfolding two spheres of a semicircular shape into a horizontal plane, a “railway” local network is formed around a giant one-eyed alien. It is on it that two cabins in the form of aircraft will run at space speed. Passengers climb the stairs on board.

How to go on a space flight in a truck?

However, before you poison yourself “on the flight”, you need to purchase a ticket for the attraction at the box office next to it. During space travel, it is recommended not to smile more often. Because the alien with his single eye will carefully observe everyone and take snapshots that will be handed over as a keepsake immediately after returning “to Earth”. Each passenger will be able to treat himself to a cool lemonade.How to go on a space flight in a truck?


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