New Lego set with the Monkey King is out


In the new constructor 80024 LEGO Monkie Kid Flower Fruit Mountain, as in all previous ones, the plot is based on the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. Thus, the Danish manufacturer continues to transfer the ancient legend of the Monkey King to the “world of cubes”. Children will receive an exciting set that will tear them away from computers and gadgets for a long time.

A good gift for any occasion. Firstly, because the set is large – it consists of 1947 building “bricks” and initially involves a rather complex assembly. Secondly, the constructor will be exciting both at the stage of assembly work and after the completion of the project, because it will provide the child with simply endless possibilities. Thirdly, the constructed play location, which occupies an area of ​​68 cm by 25 cm, will also turn into a stunning decoration for a child’s room.

Finally, the buildable toy comes with an interesting storyline. She talks about the Monkey King from birth. At the same time, in order to realistically reflect the different stages of the life of the main character, the creators of the set prudently included 4 minifigures of the Monkey King, starting from toddler age. In addition, there are 4 miniature monkey figurines – Monkey Kid, Evil Macaque, Brother Monkey and Sister Monkey. So the child will have the opportunity to play a variety of episodes from the life of the Monkey King on the game table.


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