New Lego Set Will Delight Star Wars Fans


Star Wars fans will be pleased with another newest Mandalorian set

The Danish manufacturer has officially confirmed earlier rumors about the release of another new designer in the Star Wars line. Along with the previously presented kits of the popular series 75320 Snowtrooper Combat Pack and 75322 “Hot: AT-ST” the third set will be released at the beginning of the new year 75321 LEGO Star Wars Microfighter Razor Blade. Like the first 2, it will become a kind of addition to the most expensive and largest constructor 75313 LEGO Star Wars “AT-AT”.

However, the assembled model of the aircraft and the minifigure are quite suitable for independent games. And most importantly, the child will be able to take the toy with him – the dimensions of the copy of the legendary warship are 9 cm long, 8 cm wide and 3 cm high, so the starship can be carried with you in a backpack. The game set is based on the plot of the second season of the cult film.

Despite its small size, the Razor Blade is well-armed: 2 stud shooters of a new modification will allow you to immediately start chasing opponents. The starship will be piloted by a Mandalorian wearing a Beskar armored suit. The bounty hunter is armed with a blaster pistol and has a jet pack.



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