New Lego set criticized in PETA

The premiere of the long-awaited designer for kids 60346 LEGO CITY Farm Animals somewhat overshadowed by the complaint of the European organization for the protection of animal rights “Peta”. An open letter to LEGO CEO Nils Christiansen complained that the play location provided a “false and misleading representation of modern animal husbandry”.

The commentators of this news immediately remembered that the situation that had arisen resembled the story of two years ago, which became fatal for the recruitment 42113 LEGO Technic Boeing V-22 Osprey. Then, a few days before the start of the official release, the model was criticized by the German Peace Society. After that, the designer disappeared forever from the assortment of the Danish company. However, selected buyers were still lucky enough to become the owners of the scandalous model. They just managed to purchase sets from the first batch shipped to retail outlets on the eve of the official start of sales.

In the current case, such a development of the conflict is not expected. If only because the organization “Peta” requires only to change the name of the prefabricated kit from “farm” to “fertile farm”. So it is quite possible that design fans will see the initial batch of new items on store shelves under the original name, and in the future – under the edited one. The main thing is that the modular toy will not repeat the fate of the Boeing from the set numbered 42113.

Constructor 60346 LEGO CITY Farm Animals most parents, long before the release, were classified as one of the most anticipated “urban” sets.

The main attraction was that the assembly kit included figurines of a large number of pets:

  • cows with calves,
  • sheep with lamb,
  • pigs with two piglets,
  • squirrels and butterflies.

Thanks to the presence of these cognitive toys, the set itself turns into a valuable didactic material. It can be effectively used for developing activities with kids.

In conclusion, we note that the official reaction from the leadership of the Danish manufacturer of designers Lego to criticism of animal rights organization Peta has so far been published.

Animal rights organization PETA criticizes new Lego set

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